Gaza Beach Massacre

Add another story that never happenned to the canon of Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people. But whatever, why let the facts get in the way of a good old fashioned Israel hate fest?

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  • And this is just pathetic, why didn’t they think of this before? Because this guy has no clue Defense Minister Amir Peretz said that Israel would launch a “propaganda offensive” across the globe to prove its innocence if indeed the investigation exonerated the IDF of any blame for the explosion.

  • And one more for you:

    Finally, shrapnel removed from three of the injured by doctors at Israeli hospitals was not the from an artillery shell, the sources said.

    So Hamas bombs their own again and blames Israel, and we Jews jumped to blame Israel! Oy Hashem, we have mamash so much to do teshuva for.

  • Jewlicious, I am freaking out, how do you guys keep your cool with all of this bullshit going on?

  • Obviously Jenin is the biggest example; there are lots of cases of this type of lying and distortion. Perhaps my limited exposure has somehow tinted my objectivity. It seems to me that the prevalence of this type of behavior probably stem from basic Arab cultural norms. Not only is it considered okay to have a casual relationship with the truth, but beyond that, storytelling and mendacity are admired to a certain extent within Arab culture. Secondly, I look to the Arab attitude of rebelliousness and ongoing struggle. There is an element of strife in their society that causes the perception of heroism any time the Little Guy manages to pull one over on The Man. The asymmetrical nature of this conflict contributes to its very continuance. Add to these the concept of martyrdom and we have a struggle that is set up to either continue until the end of the world or be the cause of it.

  • an addendum:
    My above comment could be read as blaming the Arab culture for the existing state of the Conflict. Obviously it is a great deal more nuanced and multi-faceted than that. I just don’t have any standing to start talking about all that. 😉

    BTW, isn’t it a bit ironic that news agencies are quoting a terrorist organisation as their source of information? Our governments cannot do business with these guys, but CNN has no problem interviewing them if they are accusing Israel. The cycle is repeating itself. The PLO was very similar to this once upon a time…

  • For 2 out of 3 of those incidents, Israel took responsibility and it was later found to be Palestinian weaponry responsible. Before people will stop blaming Israel, obviously Israel has to stop blaming herself!

  • A dude from human rights watch insists that Israel’s responsible. It’s probably wish fulfillment, but still very damaging to Israel. Let there be independent confirmation of the findings so that unfair coverage that doesn’t make sure of the facts first is exposed for what it is because sort of thing has happened before!

  • Yup, you are right Joy. Except that Israel cannot let an independent commission investigate something that is in Palestinian territory after they’ve cleaned up the scene of the explosion. What they should do, however, is put up all of their information on a public forum and let all of us see it instead of having the media filter it.

    The problem with Garlasco seems to be that he wasn’t there at the time or close to it and is basing his comments on a scene that had been tampered.
    From the very Israel-unfriendly The Independent:

    “Mr Garlasco produced a four to five-inch, mainly blackened shell fragment which he collected about 100 yards from the scene of the explosion and in which the figures 55 and the letters “mm” are clearly discernible. While acknowledging that this was not itself definite proof that the shell had killed the Palestinians he said some fragments and shrapnel which the Palestinian police explosives department say they took from the scene where the victims were killed were definitely from a 155mm shell.

    Mr Garlasco who accompanied a small group of journalists to the Beit Lahia beach, pointed to three separate craters, each covered in a whitish powder, which he said were fresh, one of which was at the spot where witnesses agree the fatal blast occurred, and the two others separated it from it by about 120 and 250 yards.”

    The issue here is the shrapnel. Israel needs to produce it.

    Of course, there is another possibility.

    STOP APOLOGIZING! Israel left Gaza entirely and yet is being attacked daily from Gaza. They have used artillery to fire back at the Palestinians and consistently have targeted empty areas devoid of people. After 2.5 months of shelling and over 6000 shells fired, prior to this family, there had been a total of 5 Palestinians killed and they were killed accidentally in two separate explosions. There is no question that Israel was firing in response to Palestinian attacks. Even if this family was killed by Israeli shells, which I continue to doubt but don’t know that we’ll ever know, it was due to a fair reaction to the Palestinian bombings. Israel is entirely out of Gaza and yet they continue to attack precisely because they want to re-engage Israel. Somebody would have a case if the Israelis had targeted this family or these people, but they clearly did not.

    An alternative for Israel at this point is to do nothing, simply lock up Gaza and refuse all transport in or out until the Qassems stop. They have the Egyptian border crossing if they need supplies. The Israelis simply stop firing back, stop the targeted killings, stop engaging Gaza entirely and literally close up any crossings. They leave guards behind and walk away. After the Qassems have stopped for a period of two weeks straight, they re-open the crossings, but re-close after any attack.

  • One absolutely creepy detail of this story: the Palis operated on their wounded in their own crappy hospital to REMOVE shrapnel that could be used as evidence before shipping them to ISRAELI hospitals for treament.

    This whole carnival is about “civilian” casualites – is there any doubt anymore that these people simply don’t care about their civilians’ safety?

  • No TM, to do nothing is not the solution. Israel must take on the propaganda machine: people use those lies to vilify Israel. Ignorance must be fought so that if people want to hate, they can at least be honest about it instead of fronting with lies!

  • Israel should not hesitate to show the world what the lying, stinking UN, Amnesty, HRW, ICJ, B’tzelem, etc. are all about.

    And it’s about time that Israel gave advanced notice that innocent people often die in wars and no one has yet perfected weaponry to the standards of this morally-holier-than-though crowd.

    If they think they can fight this war better, maybe we should give them guns and uniforms and point then in the directions of Han Yunis and Jenin.

    G-d damn them! (I do a virtual spit-on-the-ground here)

  • I was at the Foreign Ministry yesterday and it seems that part of the problem for the false story was the fact that the IDF releases films for an internal audience hence the film of the Israeli gun boat off the Gaza shore a few hours earlier (released to the press by the IDF) and doesn’t care about foreign bad PR but rather the purpose is to send an internal message to Israelis that “The IDF is protecting you.”

  • Well, I’m not Israeli or Arab, but there is absolutely no reason to trust the lying Palis here. They voted in a terrorist group (hamas) and they support killing innocent Israeli civilians, etc… The “U.N.” and those pathetic “watchdog” (anti-Semitic) groups can go screw a pig for all their credibility.