John Pantsil (pictured on the left) plays for Hapoel Tel Aviv and is adored by his fans in Israel. He showed them the love by pulling out this little flag. Then the whole Arab world gets its knickers in a twist. His own Ghana’s Football Association apologized over the “incident”. Well I would like to start the John Pantsil World Wide Jewish Fan Club (just as soon as ck makes the site.)

Ghana plays Brasil on Tuesday, June 27, 2006 11:00 AM ET —so get out your tehillim.

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  • I meant to find out why an ecstatic non-Israel dude was flying the Israeli flag so openily – a really brave man he is – but it slipped my mind. It was odd but quite nice to see that flag not on fire for a change. You’d think people get bored burning a cloth of the same color over and over again. Anyway, thanx for doing my homework for me.
    But why the hell is the Ghanian FA apologizing – African can be so stupid!!
    PS: I’m African

  • Saw him interviewed on the Israeli news last night. He was not apologetic in the least and brushed off criticisms. He said he did it for his fans in Israel because they have been so good to him. He also said great things about football in Israel. Best part of the interview was when the Israeli journalist asked him about the accusations that he is a mossad agent. He laughed it off and said “I assure you I am only a professional football player.”

    While I think his love for Israel is sincere I’m sure this act was a marketing ploy as well. Over night he became one of the most popular foreign players in Israel which I’m sure will translate into $$$$ once the new season starts here.

  • Pantsil melech Yisrael…chai, chai, v’kayam…

    Even if it was a marketing ploy, it was a damn good one. Give him citizenship, make him a good will ambassador, name the street in front of Bloomfield Stadium after him…