Lisa at Ontheface gives us this very fun post.

Recently I discovered Haifa Wehbe, the sexy Lebanese pop star whose current hits include “I’m Haifa,” and “Kiss the boo boo,” (check out the photos on Haitham’s blog).

For some reason, Haifa reminds me of Israeli singer Shiri Maimon. Below is a video of each pop star moaning her way through her signature song.


Haifa Wehbe: “Ana Haifa” (I’m Haifa)

Shiri Maimon: “Ahava Ktana” (Little Love)

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  • Haifa’s nose job and boob job are much better. I like the collegen in her lips too. Shiri needs a better rhinoplasty guy and to go up a few cc’s in the saline implants. Neither can dance or sing at all. Give me Shikira any day…her hips don’t lie. (But hell yeah, I’d trade every last brain cell I have to look like either one of them, and given the recent state of my love life, I wouldn’t throw either one of them out of bed)

    • i understand completely you’re right bout the plastic surgery that these women have had but is seems as though you are bitter about something, you need a pic-me-up. if the guy you are with is not doing it right look somewhere else.

  • Give me a break….Haifa’s video looks like a fragrance commercial. She’s hot enough, but the music’s totally disposable and the pacing’s uneven. You can’t watch it more than once without barfing.

    On the other hand, you can tell that Shiri’s been practicing that Shakira snarl and hair toss in the mirror, and the chorus rocks. Since I’ve always had a weakness for blond rockers that can snarl in Hebrew, she wins on points. Besides, would you prefer the women in Hamsa or the Pik sisters? I don’t think so.

  • Aw, shucks. Jewlicious linked to lil’ ol’ me?! I’m touched. (TM, you ran out of original material, right? 😉 )

  • Lisa, I ran out of reasons to post attractive women on Jewlicious…and then your post came along.

    I’m kidding. I really did just want to reach out and say hello.

  • I would visit more often but alas, I have to battle the wacky pro-Palestinians on other sites.

    However, I really am sweet! And cuddly. Now if only the rest of the posters and guests on Jewlicious would figure that out, I believe we could have peace on Earth.

  • Just to burst everyone’s bubble and be catty…the blonde comes from a bottle, hair extensions and weaves. In the pic above it looks like a full sheitel…but yeah, that’s just jealousy speaking.

  • Haifa vs. Shiri? Who fucking cares??? I know who the real loser in all this is – Hizbollah. You can’t stop progress man – either you adapt or you become the dust under the heel of one or the other songstress.

  • Really? Cause I would have thought Haifa’s name would have been pronounced with a “clean” Arabic ha, exactly the same way Arabs pronounce the name of the city Haifa/Hhaifa/Chaifa.

  • Shiri wins this one. She’s rocking, and more real – she has an actual backing band and can perhaps actually sing, not to mention her somewhat-more-natural babeliciousness.

    btw there are three hs in arabic – h like in english, a slightly more stressed h like het when it’s said the right way (dammit!), and a heavy ch like in hebrew.


  • hello, i’ve bad info for you, haifa is not only shiite, but also haifa’s brother is a militant in hezbollah’s terrorist group:)

  • Yay for Shiri Maimon! She is more aggressive, that’s fer sure! My vote goes to her and her aggressive style. She’s also been in the military, it seems, which increases her appeal a thousand-fold. Wahoo!

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