One day after the death of several Palestinian family members in Gaza, possibly because of an IDF artillery shell, about 200 Left-wing protesters visited the neighborhood of the IDF Chief of Staff, Dan Halutz, and called him a murderer.

The demonstrators chanted slogans such as “Tzahala residents, there’s a murderer in your neighborhood,” and raised signs calling on the government to “put a stop to the murder of civilians” and stating, “Halutz is a killer, the intifada shall prevail.” Activists also shouted, “neighbors, ask Halutz why he’s killing children and how many.”

They should be ashamed.

By the way, the daughter of the Prime Minister of Israel was in attendance as a protester. Perhaps Olmert should give her the same talk he just gave his Cabinet?

Shortly before departing on his first official trip in the post to Europe, during which he is expected to face harsh criticism in wake of the Beit Lahiya tragedy, the PM expressed full support for the IDF.

“The IDF is the most ethical army in the world, and I reject any attempt to question its morality. The army has never made it its strategy to target civilians, and this is also true today,” Olmert stressed.

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  • I understand that you are perhaps offended by what they had to say, and how they said it, but when you say “They should be ashamed” are you saying that these people aren’t entitled to protest against the injustice they perceive to have been carried out? Why should they be ashamed?

    They certainly aren’t the first group of people (and won’t be the last) to level libellous and defamatory remarks at a high-ranking figure…

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