I know, I know, this has nothing to do with Judaism. Sometimes, though, it’s important to know what other cultures are thinking.

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  • This is definitely an androcentric way of thinking about this subject (and directed towards men, as well).
    Although one could say in defense of this guy that this is how men and women deal with emotions or situations – that men try to mull things over, whereas women like to speak things out. Therefore, from a guy’s perspective, a woman isn’t thinking.
    Otherwise, this is kind of horrible.

  • A) This seems out of context, he seems to tbe talking about a situation, but I have no idea what situation he is talking about.
    B)I suppose this guy has never really met process oriented guys and results oriented women. it’s a mode of being trained how to think as much as it ia gender issue. Process-oriented thinking might be more encouraged in women, and there might be more of a tendency to think that way with women, but I find what he sas over the top. In fact, if i think about it, he even negates his own logic about how women react intellegently later one, it sounds like that his own logic that women react differently, not more or less intellegently.

  • I happened to notice that the woman figure’s red “thinking squiggles” were less dense and more ordered than the man figure’s “thinking squiggles”, which looked like a big, angry, close-minded red blob.

  • That guy’s wearing a sheet (think… think… think… think…)

    He talks funny (think… think… think…)

    I have to poop (think… think… think… think…)

    I thought I had to poop, but now I don’t. I wonder why? (think… think… think…)

    Something stinks – and why is that guy wearing a sheet? (think… think… think…)

  • The drawings look like little Hindu spermes. Nothing against Hindus mind you, he’s just drawn the spermes with a “third eye” on their foreheads.

    That’s all I’m sayin’.

  • I thought he looked familiar from my class at Neve where they taught that women operate mostly on bina and men mostly on chuchma…just sayin’

  • But if that were the case, it’d have the exact opposite effect. Chochma is the initial spark of idea. Bina is what forms that spark into something ordered and coherent. So men would be spouting the unfinished, incoherent, dis-jointed ideas, and women would be speaking logical, well thought out and formed ideas.

  • The Chochma and Bina thing with men and women in Judaism is best understood by the reproductive model. Men provide the spark (sperm), and women take the product of that spark and carry it for 9 months forming it into something beautiful and complete.

  • It’s all in the words you use sometimes. His words won’t play well to this crowd – but what if, instead, he had said, “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars”? Aside from the fact that generalizations are bound to be problematic, I have no issue saying that men and women in general have different approaches to communicating – but not for the silly reasons this jerk offers.

  • Which leaves me to conclude that according to his logic he is all female…When will he start thinking???

  • Be it resolved: Misogyny and women hating stand as one of the only true universal philosophies and explanations for social interactions that remain to be commonly sought and utilized by peoples with little regard for science, women, or rights. And as a common philosophy, it’s enjoying a powerful resurgence almost everywhere. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • hmmm, I think it is more complex than that, VJ. Men and women are not the same, science knows this, religious people know this, and the differences are deep in our collective philosphy. I dont think we have figured out how to appreciate those differences in a way that promotes equality but still preserves the family. I do not want to start a war, but there is something to the “division of labor” that nature/G-d/whathaveyou created. Science only has, at best, speculation as to the reason sexes appeared. So there is a heck of a lot of tradition around the roles of men and women that cannot be labled as anachronistic because of a modern relativistic mindset.

  • Just think of the division of labor in the Cave Man era. Men hunted, women gathered…From thus rose everything! .. Personally I think women are the best “invention” ever… Warm, cuddly, soft, and way “smarter” then men… They all seem to have a nurturing “aura” around them…

    Gosh…I love women… If there was a god he/she/it invented women just for us guys!!!


  • I’m not so sure tha tthis is as far outside of the mainstream as we think it is. This same sort of attitude towards women is prevalent in both evangelical Christian and Orthodox Jewish homes.

    In fact, I was driving to work and flipping through the stations and stopped on a Christian station (I’m always curious) and they were basically stating that Women are inherantly more impulsive and fail to consider the consequences and pointed to proving their theory by discussing EVE.

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