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  • I hope they put something underneath them before sitting……..

  • Sigh.

    Sumo rules!

    Stop being so damn iggerant, wildbeast. Everything goyish is not necessarily bad. And while Japan has its quirks and problems like every place does, if every place were as “sick” as Japan, the world would be a hell of a lot better place than it is.

    And while these guys are certainly fat, they are also immensely strong and very supple, believe it or not.

    And the proper term for a sumo wrestler is not “sumo” (which refers to the wrestling itself), but “sumotori” (“sumo wrestler”, or, literally “one who takes sumo”), or “rikishi” (“strong man”), or shtarker.

    The white guy with whom President Katsav is shaking hands is Koto-Oshu, the Bulgarian. He is very good, and still young, and I would not be surprised if one day he becomes the first Caucasian Yokozuna, or Grand Champion. He is an Ozeki (Champion) now. There have been other foreign Grand Champions (Samoans, Hawaiians and Mongols), but no white guys. It could be interesting.

  • Nah.

    With all due respect, they would have kicked his ass.

    But if he had trained, Sharon would probably have been a damned fine sumotori. He sure had the spirit and toughness for it.

  • Ahh. Finally the eye candy we ladies have been promised for so long. Sweet. Well worth waiting for.