Oxford University Student Union has voted to “twin” with Birzeit University, a quaint little school in the West Bank. Why would the most famous University’s Student Union decide to cozy up to a school noted for radical student politics, student support of terror groups and the like?

Palestinian Society member Katherine Segal, who proposed the motion, said: “The infringement of people’s rights to education, a product of the Israeli occupation, cannot be justified, morally or legally by the acts of Palestinian militants. As such we should show our support for the students of Birzeit regardless of their personal political affiliations.”

Boycott Israeli Universities, and adopt Palestinian ones. The Lawrence of Arabia phenomenon, together with Jewish guilt, and compounded by active Palestinian Student politics, Arab student groups, Islamic student groups, meant that this measure sailed through. In fact, there was no opposition. I wonder how the members of the GLBT Alliance at Birzeit are treating the great news?

Well, some Jewish students have decided to do something:

Joshua Hantman, an Oxford student, a second year Oriental Studies student is drafting the amended motion.
“If OUSU wishes to twin with an institution in the region it should twin with a university which caters for Muslims, Jews and Christians, not a university whose student council is dominated by internationally recognised terrorist organisations and has produced at least five suicide bombers in the last ten years,” Hantman said.

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