matisyahuMatisyahu will be performing THIS weekend and the uber-music festival, Bonnaroo, in TN.
If you happen to be making the pilgrimage, you don’t have to sacrifice Shabbat—there will be a Shabbat Tent there!

Kabballat Shabbat, at 7:00PM, on Friday June 16, immediately followed by a Shabbos Party. On Saturday, June 17, morning services start at 10:00AM, followed by a group discussion at 3:00PM, and closing with the ceremony of “havdalah” — the traditional prayer that marks the conclusion of the shabbat.

Location: Staff Lot B (next to Camp Miss MoneyPenny — look at lower right side of Bonnaroo map)

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Since his obscene violation that he did to JDub, his music has gotten worse, his radio & MTYV airplay has become non-existent, other acts have taken the spotlight from him, his “message” became stale and dull, and fake.

    He has some bad karma going on. I wouldn’t go near one of his shows unless I was being paid well to cover.

    Maybe he is seeing that life is too complex for most people to be inspired by his we want moshiach now verbiage.

  • I would like to hear from him on why he dumped Jdub into the garbage dumpster in clear Halachik violation.
    Especially, as I read a quote from him, that it was JDub, who schlepped him back into performing after he was taking a years long hiatus to study in Crown Heights. Study what? Gemara, Halacha?
    I am sorry that I cannot separate the dancer from the dance and neither should anyone else.

  • Wait what have i been missing all my life?

    Is it halachically permissable to camp out at a music festival on shabbat?
    Well if Rav Matisyahu says so….damn lying teacher of mine!
    Rav Yonah?
    Can someone give me sources or something?
    I asked the question ages ago so cant remember well the reason not to- well i guesse shabbos spirit is one.

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