—Shabbat in LA with Rabbi Yonah, June 23-24, where I will be joining Rav Binny from Isralight. This is an Isralight Shabbaton. A local macher has offered scholarships if you mention Rabbi Yonah when you sign up. If you don’t have a place to stay in LA, they will find you housing.
—Shabbat at Rainbow with Rav Shmuel and Rabbi Yonah. If you are going to the Rainbow gathering in Colorado on June 29th, head over to Jerusalem Camp for an unreal Shabbat in the woods. There will be lots of other amazing folks there. Big Ups to Zev in advance for all his hard work.
—Heritage Retreats: a week of study in the rolling hills near Santa Barbara. Last year I went up there for an unforgettable Shabbat. It’s for anyone that wants some serious Jewish study, plus outdoor activities. Great location at McDonald’s Inc. former retreat center. I am happy to field questions about the programs, July 16 through July 23 (women), August 13 through August 20 (men). The Booksteins will be heading up to spend a Shabbat there again this year.
—Yarche Kallah at Darche Noam: “Jewish Spirituality: Learning It & Living It”
11th Annual Darche Noam Yarchei Kallah: July 30-31, August 1, 2006. oin world-renowned scholars & the experienced Darché Noam faculty for this three day intensive seminar…. lectures, shiurim, & hands-on chavruta learning. Sadly, we’ll not be making it to Israel this summer!
—Simchat Shlomo Summer Program: Shabbat the Source of Blessing, June 18th-July20th. Dive into the essence and meaning of Shabbos with Rabbi Brodt and the staff. Sounds like an amazing program with life altering potential.
—Online Journeys for the homebound: Just because we cannot journey to far flung places or the Holy Land, there is still a ton of spiritual work that can be accomplished over the summer. Some places I found that I hope to spend some time with: InnerNet, Simple to Remember, and Azamra. I am sure there are more, so please send them my way…

Wishing everyone a holy and lovely Shabbat of peace and light.

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