Just so we are clear: I am not receiving a cent for this and if ck did receive funds for that ad, I am unaware. I have no relationship with Azure whatsoever.

In my humble opinion, it is an excellent journal/magazine with some of the highest caliber writing, opinion and analysis in the marketplace of Israel and Jewish world writing. I strongly recommend it. At the very least, go check out their site and register for free. I think, though, that you will find that it has some high quality materials. Aside from your self-interest in finding a top quality publication, if you choose to support them by subscribing, I think you’ll be helping a worthy cause.


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  • Azure is just about the best thing printed in this country. I subscribed for another 2 years recently. Also, since it’s Book Week, you can get a good deal. I went down there Thursday, and because I am a subscriber they sold me back issues for 10 shekels each.

  • I did an internship with them a few years back and had a wonderful experience, they were willing to take an American with limited (at the time) Hebrew and throw him in to sink or swim with exposure to the ne-plus-ultra newest political/social/economic thinkers of the thinking man’s (or woman’s) traditional (w/heavy religious influence) Zionism.

    A lot of the younger people I was with (Yagil Henkin, Eitan Fishbein) have gone on to be published in Azure and elsewhere. (Fishbein even in Theoria U-Vikoret, one of the journals of the largely anti-Z. Left! But he’s a philosopher, and his article doesn’t address Zionism…)

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