Are champions of the NBA. Poor Mavericks were obviously at an emotional loss after losing Game 5 101-100 in a very close game where Wade simply took over. They came out swinging tonight but you could see the doubts gnawing at them as Wade continued to score as Game 6 progressed. It was a decent series but I have a feeling it would have been more exciting with the Suns in there instead of Dallas. I don’t know why, but Nowitzki was off his game in a few games. Shaq was a factor but nowhere near dominant. Jason Terry came through and Alonzo Mourning showed he still had fire in the belly, but clearly this was Wade’s series.

Shaq is gloating right now, with good reason.

Riley has finally gotten that 18-year wait for another championship off his back.

And I guess this tells us who was praying harder. The Miami Heat is owned by two Israeli-American owners.

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  • Why would Israeli-American owners be praying to Jesus? Oh, is it because they’re Israeli-Arabs who then moved to America? Now I get it. Interesting.

  • So the Zionists control American sports now too?

    Is there no end to their depradations? Will they never be stopped?

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