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Construction of Kibbutz HaOn probably circa 1949. The foot of the Golan Heights, controlled by Syria, can be seen behind those young Zionist pioneers, probably fresh from fighting the war of 1948 and ready to build a new community.

In front of them would be the Kinneret – Sea of Galilee – and Kibbutz En Gev is a few miles to the North. Note that this land was purchased from a Ba’hai community. I seem to recall that this kibbutz had a group of Turkish Jews that had joined it.

You can see some more of these photos in this great but too short Ynet photo essay.

Here’s the other side, with a view to the Kinneret.

foot of kinneret.jpg

Shabbat shalom to you all and chag sameach.

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  • Indeed, a very beautiful part of the country.
    For anyone visiting in the area, stop by in Moshav Ramot for a spectacular view of the Kinerret and good restaurants