havi mond - HOT!

A nice antidote to all this war stuff just hit the news stands, namely the latest issue of Atlanta Jewish Life. Standouts include the AJL Hotlist featuring an interview with Safed’s own Havi Mond (pictured above), the world’s only known Orthodox Supermodel:

Mond says that when she was starting out, her agency would groan over her adamant decision to stick to her religious principles not to work on the Sabbath or holidays, wincing, “‘Oooh, this gig is a really good job for your career,’ but now they just know: ‘Havi can’t work Fridays, Saturdays — those dates are no good,’ telling clients, ‘If you want her, you have to change them.’ They understand now,” she says… “It all adds to the intrigue” surrounding Mond, notes French Connection’s Creative Director Alisa Marks.

Hot Orthodox Supermodels? Clearly Atlanta Jewish Life is waaay too cool for Atlanta! Oh and while you’re visiting the site, you may also want to check out this essay titled Field Trips from the Edge written by some dude about his recent experiences as a birthright israel madrich.

OK, OK… that was me talking about our recent Jewlicious / Oranim trip. Yes, sometimes I do kick it old skool and lower myself to writing for analogue media. Sorry trees! But now maybe Havi Mond will have read my article? Surely an invite to one of her rollicking London Shabbat dinners will soon follow?

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  • A reluctantly optimistic article about the future of Judaism? Kol hakavod.

    And btw, I got that “Masada-10 Commandments” question too. Althought I like our version better…

    Esther: Come on, guys, we’re almost there…
    birthright participant: Jeez…why couldn’t Moses have given the 10 Commandments on a different mountain?

    A way to cut down on confusion? Create a series of “backgrounders” with basic facts about the places we visit and give it to them in advance, so the kids know that just because we’re climbing a mountainish thing it doesn’t mean it’s “the most important mountainish thing” in Jewish history. Either that or take them to the Sinai to visit “the real” Mt. Sinai.

  • Nice article, ck. I hope I wasn’t quite that clueless at 18 – I probably would’ve at least brushed up on history or read a guidebook or something. I’m sure it’s hard to be patient with them, but it is true…a lot of them have probably never even lit Shabbat candles in their own homes. I was gonna say you (and Laya, and Esther, and Michael) are probably role models for them, but then you might get all Dennis Rodman about it…

    Once I told a coworker I’d be out the next day for Yom Kippur, and she said “That’s what…the anniversary of some war?”

  • I love Jewish girls! Mond is spellbinding…More pics of hot girls please. Thanks.

    The ‘Hashem’ t-shirt girl up top still get’s my vote, as N0 1.

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