Causing delays in some flights, Israel has targeted Beirut International Airport and bombed its towmain runways.

Israeli aircraft bombed Beirut International Airport Thursday, sending plumes of smoke into the morning sky, the Israel Defense Forces said….The IDF said it targeted the airport because it served as a central hub for the transfer for weapons and supplies to Hezbollah

Now onto Damascus!

UPDATE: Israel returned to Beirut airport this evening and did what many dream of doing when their suitcases are lost—they bombed the fuel depots. Sorry about the tongue in cheek.

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  • Not so fast. Hizbullah is shooting rockets 20 miles into Israel. A woman in Nahariyah has just been killed and a dozen others injured. Israel had better get Hizbullah under control before venturing into Syria.

  • Wrong. All roads point to Damascus. They have yet to be given the painful treatment they need to think again about promote proxies to attack Israel.

    Syria is the first that should have been attacked. A formal declaration of war should have been announced by Olmert live on TV.

    The conditions for surrender should be the return of our soldiers, the removal of any non-Lebanese Army terrorist militias from anywhere south of Beirut, the expulsion of HizbAllah from Lebanon, etc.

    Philistines are upon you Samson. Wake up!

  • “Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”

  • Unfortunately, MichaelK, that verse is from Isaiah 17, which is the prophecy of Sancheriv’s destruction of Israel at the time of the 1st Temple.

    But it’s the thought that counts. 😉

  • In the same vein, Shy guy, Samson died, even if he did take some Philistines with him. Better not to be Samson.

    But it’s the thought that counts. 😉

  • Shy Guy, Isaiah 17:1 has yet to be fulfilled, as far as I know. Even so, Bashar had better watch his Assad.

  • Middle,

    In the same vein, Shy guy, Samson died, even if he did take some Philistines with him. Better not to be Samson.

    No. Better to be Samson who doesn’t attempt to achieve ends by unjustified means.

    His mistake was not taking Delilah’s threat seriously the first time and recognizing the mistake he was leading himself into.

    Better to be a righteous Samson and learn from the original’s mistakes.

  • Yes. Obviously if Israel takes out Assad, Israel will be in a much better position. They will end up with a leader much, much more religious than Assad, and that is always a welcome respite from the secularist Muslim regimes.

    The frummer, the better.

    Things are looking just swell.

    Happy 17th of Tammuz.

  • DK’s prediction is excellent.

    Now apply the same prediction to Egypt and Jordan, without Israel having to fire a shot. It’s just a mtter of time.

    Plishtim alechah, Shimshon!

  • Does Israel need a formal declaration of war to countries like Syria and Iran who are still in state of war against Israel?

  • No. Unfortunately Israel is somewhat in denial of this state of war, even at this very moment.

  • They won’t do anything. Really the country that needs to be wiped off the map is Iran. Yeah, not Iraq, now do you see the devils mistake?

  • They’ll fart around a bit and make a deal with them, so the summer tourist season can take place.

    Someone give me Olmerts snail addy, I want to send him a couple of Sun dresses.

  • There is so much the IDF can do using the IAF’s airstrike power and artillery–we have to be realistic, given the world’s tolerance of anti-Israeli Islamic threats and violence and Israel’s limited ability to field an occupying army there are not magical solutions here.

  • Paul,

    What could you possibly mean? Realistic? Are you actually suggesting that there’s something unrealistic about conquering Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, turning their cities to rubble, and killing millions of their inhabitants? Keep up that kind of talk and Steves Rick will have to put you on the list for one of his sun dresses.

  • david, have you heard of the term, “covert ops”?
    What size for you David? I have 8, 10, 12, and I am getting in some larger sizes.

  • Steves, I’m really not sure, it’s a while since I last checked. But I’ll make do; please just send me one in the same size you reserve for such notorious pussies as Yitzhak Rabin and Ehud Barak.

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