2006_07_24_CNNCooper3.jpgPallywood created staged media events which worked wonders for the Pally caust. Now we have Hizbollywood, the manipulation of the media outlets to acheive Hizbollah aims. Amazingly, it is Anderson Cooper, Sexiest Man Alive and CNN reporter who has blown the cover on Hizbollywood.

NewsBusters reports:

Cooper exposed for CNN viewers that the sight of speeding ambulances, sirens blaring, was just a phony play staged by Hezbollah: “One by one, they’ve been told to turn on their sirens and zoom off so that all the photographers here can get shots of ambulances rushing off to treat civilians….These ambulances aren’t responding to any new bombings. The sirens are strictly for effect.”

For the record… NPR is completely off the rocker and eats up Hizbollywood with a passion.

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  • no shit??? For “no spin” coverage of the war i’ve turned to, and i can’t believe i’m saying this, SHEPARD SMITH on Fox News! He has 2 shows in the afternoon STUDIO B, and THE FOX REPORT – it’s good! really good! he interviews Israeli soldiers that speak perfect English – it’s good stuff!

  • I’ve been very very VERY dissapointed in CNN during this crisis. It’s anti-estableshment / anti-war at any cost slant backfires on them whenever they cover the middle east (for the reasons listed above by Reb Yo). Althogh AC 360 didn’t exactly gobble up their crap (this time) – leave it to Christiana Amanpour to have you hating yourself for killing innocent muslim babies.

    FOX has indeed proved to be VERY pro-Zionist. Rick Leventhal, Jennifer Griffin, David Lee Miller… all great reporters aside from Shepard. And I’ve been seeing a few ex-CNN reporters popping up on the conservative propoganda machine. Wonder why?

  • Can anyone doubt the Hizbollywood’s sinister and evil agenda? I was very concerned to hear that Rice is going back to Jerusalem. Im sure it is not to bring homemade cookies from Laura Bush.

  • Haish;
    Christiana Amanpour said a few monts ago that Hamas wasn’t a terrorist organization because they provide the Arab paleostinians social services. Who cares that they blow up Jewish women and children because they do so much “good.”
    The most disturbing news about Christiana Jihad Amanpour is that she will be narrating a Daniel Pearl documentary in the fall. Isn’t that like David Duke narrating a documentary about MLK?

  • Haish, before you write off CNN – I accidently watched a little the other day while during chores… you can find the report i saw if you do a quick search on YOUTUBE for “glen beck history of the middle east”. It’s a 2 minute cartoon that is very pro-Israel and extremely accurate, it’s humor falls short but it, is my belief, is good for the Jewish people – perhaps someone can upload it on Jewlicious

  • HA HA!! Awsome! Thanks Mar, your tag took me right to it.
    Now I’m waiting for part 2…

  • Yeah Cristina really sucks on this one. You can tell by her facial expression how she loathes the Israelis. I don’t see AC as sexy. He has a very dull personality, and very limited view of the situation.

    For example, CNN is leading the charge that the Israelis suck, it’s the liberal drone. They’re standing in line at Burger King, when is the order going to be ready they whine. When will this be over?

    When in fact, Israel is killing the Huzzie savages by the truckload, is knocking out their infrastructure.

    Soon, the we wil defeat the gangsters Huzzies, Yemach Shemom.

    I tire of CNN, but there is no other news station to watch on my subscription plan that has such coverage.

    I still do hope that Israel finally starts to really get brutal with these sick demented Huzzies.

  • My favorite new name for them is “Hezholes” 🙂

    Shabbat Shalom…

  • First off, I’d be very careful about Fox News. While they may appear the be pro-Zionist, are you sure they aren’t really pro-Armageddon? What many of you do not realize is the fundamentalist Christians in America believe that this current conflict is the beginning of the End of Days as they interpret from passages in the books of Daniel and Revelations from the Christian bible. The rhetoric coming out of the mega-churches last Sunday was unbelievable. They don’t give a shit about Israel, all they care about is fanning the flames in the middle east in order to hasten the return of Jesus (at least that is what they think). Fox News is very sympathetic to the fundamentalist Christians and their causes, thus they are pandering to them. And you do realize what they believe must happen to all the Jews in order for Jesus to return, don’t you? And before you marginalize this viewpoint, consider the massive popularity of the “Left Behind” series. They’ve even made a video-game where you go to NYC to kill or convert as many Jews and Atheists as possible to their form of Christianity. Did you know that some Fox News anchors found this game wholesome and delightful? Did you know that their two most watched commentators persisted all last winter in spreading the anti-semitic meme that “Jews were trying to steal Christmas”? Did you know they said the same thing about Jews and Easter? Is it really the liberals (many of whom are fellow Jews), CNN, and NPR you have to worry about? I’ve found the coverage on CNN to be quite fair and much more informative then “preaching to the choir” Fox News. People take sides, so get over it. Also, sometimes it’s OK for people to tell you what you don’t want to hear.

    BTW, I do find all this innuendo directed at Christiana “Jihad” Amanpour rather interesting. Maybe someone here should inform her staunchly pro-Israel and Jewish husband, Jamie Rubin, as to where her allegiances really lie. Or perhaps you just assume because she is part-Iranian, obviously she must be sympathetic to Hezbollah?

  • Not all Christians believe this is “the end.” Some of us simply still see the Jews as God’s chosen people. We also have the same sense of justice that Jews do; if someone attacks you, then you have the right to defend yourself.

    As for the video game, there is a game (though it’s stupid) but it doesn’t require that you kill or convert athiests and Jews. That is just absurd fear speech. Not all Christians follow the Left Behind crap.

    Amazing that you would wish to alienate your biggest ally, a conservative Christian. If you paid attention to what is going on, you’d realize that one of the reasons America is so closely allied with Israel is because we are made up of conservative Christians…

  • “Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers”
    From Yonit Farago in Jerusalem
    WHILE Israel fights Hezbollah with tanks and aircraft, its supporters are campaigning on the internet.

    Israel’s Government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages.

    In the past week nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special “megaphone” software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.


  • I still do hope that Israel finally starts to really get brutal with these sick demented Huzzies.
    Comment by Steves Rick

    You got your wish in QANA this morning

  • Hezbollywood: funny and very accurate. When I heard about all those children being killed in that Israeli bombing, it was the first time that I wondered if Hezbollah – Hezbollywood had used those children as human shields. Hezbollah is dumb . . . they know that if they can manipulate the world’s pity strings, they will benefit. If they have to lose a few of the neighborhood Lebanese children to do so, so be it.

  • The more I see of Christiana Amanpour the more impressed I am with her, especially considering the smear campaign mounted against her by the right wing Jewish crazies.

    What I see is an attarctive, poised, articulate woman who calls them as she sees them and resists the clumsy attempts by the krauts to intimidate her. I hope she is on more often, free of censorship.

  • Both the Jewish and Palestinian sides can really get to peace if you continue to direct invectives at each other. Israel should continue to aggravate them and this will surely bring about peace. It is a true and tried successful policy, just like how we are succeeding in Iraq. Keep up the good work. What we need more is extra fanaticism, extra hate and extra xenophobia. Mix them all up and you will certainly have a perfect recipe for happiness and everlasting peace in your area. Remember, it ia always better to fight forever and lose more of your fellow citizens than compromise and achieve peaceful coexistence.

  • first off true hezbollah isn’t all peace and love but Israeli isn’t either. just as hezbollah has killed bystanders so has Israeli forces. this whole “save Israeli” campaign is quite funny. if you look at it they maybe the minority in the middle east but they can handle themselves, so all these fundamentalist so called Christians can back off and anyone else whose trying to “aid” Israeli. (Jesus Christ is going to come and no amount of wars can speed that up). i myself sympathize with Palestinians. they have virtually no rights and there losing what little land they have to Israeli settlements every day (that’s me exaggerating, but seriously check out journalist John Pilger’s “Palestine is Still the Issue”, it’s an eye opener) and on top of that the Israeli gov’t is so busy “battling” groups like hamas and hezbollah that their screwing over the Palestinian people. next i think Christiana Amanpour is amazing at what she does, despite her background and she’s just about the most unbiased reporter i’ve ever seen. secondly on the issue of Cnn, yeah their biased and Fox, there nothing but a bunch of conservative-republican war hawks (that’s me being nice, but there so many other “terms” i could use). but in short every news agency is a little biased in one way or another but if i had to choose between Fox or Cnn, it’s Cnn all the way. and finally i’d like to say that instead of just looking at Israeli as the victim and all other nations in the middle east as the enemy, take a look behind their leaders, how ever radical or moderate they may be. look at the people and citizens and those who are clearly suffering because of their leaders own doing and not their own because as we all know democracy in the middle east is a novelty and the people clearly aren’t in control (i.e. Iran).

    p.s. Anderson Cooper is so cute and i found that little glen beck piece on Israeli’s history quite funny LOL

  • Amanpour is a islamist extremist sympathizer. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with her anti-Israel bias, she is a terrorist sympathizer and promoter. Send her back to Iran.