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  • Apparently people are saying that Olmert does too have military experience. I think you may have said he did not.

  • I did not say he did not. I said that relative to the generals who have led Israel, he and Peretz have minimal experience. He was in a combat unit but was injured and became a military journalist. Later in life he attended officers’ school. As for Peretz, I believe he was a Captain. Considering that Rabin was Chief of Staff and Sharon had been a general, my point was that these two do not bring deep military backgrounds to the leadership roles in this war. My other point was that Halutz is the first Chief of Staff to come from the Air Force, and I’m fairly sure also the first one not to have some years of infantry leadership under his wing.

  • FYI, CK’s cousin David is one of the engineers working on that project…on his most recent test they noticed that the rockets only made a whole in the wall as big as his fist. And they’re still working on it…I think that’s pretty impressive.

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