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Four more soldiers were killed in the past day:

– Colonel Tzvi Loft, 42, of Hogla

– First Lieutenant Tom Farkash, 23, of Caesarea

– First Sergeant Kobi Smilag, 20, of Rehovot

– First Lieutenant Lotan Slavin, 21, of Hetzba

There is little information about them, but what there is tells of the pain of families losing their sons in war. Our hearts go out to them.

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  • My sympathies to the families of these soldiers.

    These soldiers did not need to die. A prisoner exchange a few weeks ago would have resolved this issue. Sadly, we the little people are just pawns to be sacrificed by the power-holders.

    Since 10x as many Lebanese are dying – my sympathies also go out to the 40 unknown Lebanese that died recently at the hands of IDF bombardment.

  • At first, the army said human error or a technical malfunction caused the crash of the Apache helicopter. But it later reported Israeli artillery fire could have downed the chopper. Farkash was born in Canada, where his Israeli parents moved when they were young. Eleven years ago they moved back to Israel and settled in Caesarea, a coastal town north of Tel Aviv.


    The big question – Should Canadian citizens be fighting in foreign armies?

  • The big response Zed Zed – Should the Canadian gov’t determine if someone who was born in Canada but currently living in another country (where they’re a citizen) be allowed to uphold the laws of another country? Seriously, is that your question?

  • my condolences to the families.
    i have a great idea of how to get our minds off of the war, if just for a few moments of rest. How about posting some more pictures of Romy?

  • Zed zed is a dopey troll.

    The Israelis are the most noble people on earth. Look at this crap they have to put up with.

    Their best children are all willing to die.

    All of those young men, they went towards this war fully aware of what might happen. They were and are willing to lay their life on the line.

    Cowardly terrorists, you will not win.

  • Thanks Steves Rick – interesting philosophy you hold on debating issues. “Zed Zed is a dopey troll”. Interesting – dehumanize me to make my comments irrelavent. What school of debate did you learn that tactic? Is that a NOBLE methodology for debate?

  • Steves Rick: I don\’t think it\’s troll-like behavior to mourn any and all unneccessary deaths, especially those of otherwise innocent civilians whose deaths were brought on by the inactivity of their spineless government and the terrorist activities of an occupying army and its foreign puppet masters, namely Hizbollah, Syria and Iran.

  • Steves Rick,

    You’ve got it a just a bit backward. Zed Zed is someone that rejects the political beliefs of the majority of those on this site, but who expresses his views in a civil and respectful manner.

    You, on the other hand, are a consistent advocate of mass murder and exterminating wars of aggression. You are an disgrace to the Jewish religion, to the ideals of Zionism, and, most of all, to those individuals who share your political views and who react with utter silence to your ignorance and savagery.

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