Michelle Citrin at Mike's Place... sort of...

Last night, singer/songwriter, ROI120 participant and Sinai travel buddy Michelle Citrin entertained a packed crowd at Mike’s Place in Jerusalem. Monday night is usually open mic night, but Mike’s Place management graciously consented to allow Michelle to perform a set of her own stuff (check it out at MichelleCitrin.com) and a couple of covers. While Jerusalem has thankfully been spared Katyushas and Qassam’s, Michelle’s gig was a welcome respite from constantly watching the news for the latest word on the state of the current, uh, shit – to paraphrase the ever eloquent US President Bush… Michelle’s set was also visible on a 10 foot screen in the bar courtyard outside for those observing the injunction against listening to live music during the three weeks. Harry (He Knows Thingsâ„¢), who usually matches our Michael for unbridled cynicism, said he enjoyed the show and was even seen to be head-banging during Michelle’s cover of AC DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long. I kid you not. She was THAT good!

And yes. I did forget to bring a camera. You are so clever to have noticed. So sue me, ok?

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  • I hope she doesn’t switch managers un Halachikly, and the new manager tells her to make a sick disgusting cd like “youth”.

  • Shes got a great sound. Solid chick rock thing going on. I love it! Wish I was there!

  • She’s awesome…heard her in “the old country” at Makor a few months before…just goes to show you: Fair Lawn and Rutgers breed great rockers.

  • I did take some pics…and though there aren’t that great, I’d be happy to pass them along.

    Good to know that music still brings people together to enjoy life and what a voice this lady has…glad to have her around!

  • citrin? i have her mini cd. great sound. isn’t she a former song leader from the Jewish summer camp circuit? (larry, JewishFilm.com)

  • Mike’s place might have decent music but don’t go for the Mexican food. Check out my blog for the details.