iranian_guns.jpegIsrael, and America and others have been repeating over and over again their assertions that Hezbollah is a proxy army in Lebanon of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. This RPG launcher here shows the insignia that is was manufactured by the Iranians. Media in Lebanon report straight up that Iranians are fighting and dying in Lebanon. Lets face it, Hezbollah is Iran and Israel is fighting Iran, and thousands of Israelis are internally displaced and living in fear, while Iranian’s megalomaniac gloats over the destruction of Lebanon. Iran should be the ones up against the wall. The security council should be on their back. But that would make too much sense. Shoulda woulda coulda.

Apologists for terror, some Arab commentators on NPR this morning, were arguing that in fact Hezbollah is not a terror group and enjoys widespread popularity for kicking Israel out.
Yeh right, just a bunch of Good Ole Boys, farmers really, practicing yoga and meditation, a bunch of flower toting hippies. Yeh right. ZeFrank said it well, “Hezbollah is the kind of party that you bring your gun to.” (Thanks Mob)

I’m off to the Rally in LA, so I will end this rant. Not sure where it was going really anyway, with the heat here searing our minds.

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  • You are such a propaganda machine.

    Israel is not innocent in this.
    Look at the issue from both perspectives to understand the truth.
    Otherwise you promote bloodlust and murder of innocent people

  • Zed, you are lucky that Israel is so prissy. They should reduce SOuthern Lebannon to rubble. Iran and Syria as well. That is all you people understand, brute force.

    It’s a shame that the moralists in Israel don’t get it.

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    Damascus threatened to wage war against the Zionist regime if its military forces continue massive strikes on Lebanon and areas close to the Syrian borders.

    \’Syria News\’ electronic magazine reported this on Sunday quoting Syrian Information Minister Mohsen Bilal.

    Lebanese Islamic resistance forces in recent days have repeatedly foiled Zionist army attacks to penetrate Lebanese territories.

    Lebanon Hizbollah forces also have stopped the Zionist army from advancing into Lebanese soil and inflicted heavy human and material losses on the aggressors.

    In the past 12 days, the Zionist regime has targeted innocent civilians, infrastructural installations and even humanitarian and medical assistance to the war-ravaged people of Lebanon by conducting heavy bombardments.

  • Steves Rick – are you promoting even more hostilities – most of which will hit innocent civilians?

    This bloodlust is insane.

    Do you think the Arabs and Palestinians do not have legitimate grievances?

    How about the innocent Christians that are being killed?

  • Legitimage grievences are solved at the negotiating table. Zed Zed are you blind to history? Every opportunity for peace has been squandered by blood lust and hate—from Palestinians.

    I am not sorry we took back our land from the British who took it from the Ottomans, who took is from the others who stole it from us.

    Isn’t that the grievence that is so bothersome to the world?

  • Rabbi Yonah – by your logic then the Native Americans have the right to kick us all off North American land because the Europeans stole it from them.

    Israel never really toook the Arab/Palestinian grievance seriously. Isreal used every opportunity for military expansionist policies. Constantly stealing land.

    You sound like you are PROUD of that.

    What about all the INNOCENT lives that are lost due to Israeli bloodlust?

  • Zed,
    If you honestly believe there is a “bloodlust” – then you are hopelessly lost. There is no middle ground for people like you. You have swallowed the propaganda whole.

    So don’t bring up the grievance of my ancestors (the Iroquois) to make a point for your out and out lies about the Jews… who have MUCH more in common with my Native American brothers than the likes of Hezbollah.

    Calling Israeli military policy “expansionist” is like calling Suha Arafat a Palestinian refugee.

  • Haish – I did equate the Natives of North America to the Jews who lost their lands. For this reason I said that the Natives should then have the equivalent right to – through force of arms – take back the land that was stolen by them. Europeans stole the land from the Natives. Do you agree then that the Natives have the same rights as te Jews to take back what was once lost?

    My main point is that Israel is going TOO FAR in this military action. They are killing innocent civilians – but noone seems to reply to those comments. Yes they are killing a few Hezbollah here and there but they are killing a lot more innocent civilians. It seems that they don’t care about civilain deaths. For that reason I use the term bloodlust.

    On another note – I saw a brief thing on the news a few days ago about a large Jewish Anti-War rally somewhere in Israel. Unfortunately this was not covered anywhere else – why?

    Note: I am not anti-Semitic so don’t bring that up. These are comments about military actions and not religions.

  • I have been a fervent supporter of Israel for many years. I consider myself to be a consistent fighter against anti-Semitism. I teach the history of anti-Jewish oppression in my classrooms. I have for years supported Israel when many in my particular community would not. I supported Israel knowing that the land that once belonged to Jewish people had been lived on and enjoyed by others for 20 generations before Jewish terrorists came back and dispossessed those who were in possession. Yes, they were dispossessed by terror. Palestinians did not just walked away from their homes – who would do such a thing? For people like me, the destruction that is being wrought on the heads of innocent struggling Lebanese people is too much. I know that Jews are always being asked to forbear but it is the lot of such a massive and dominating mailed fist as the IDF to forbear and to act with restraint. And no, I am not oblivious to the carnage wrought by suicide bombers and Katyusha’s. If I took the a-historical view that the struggle with Hezbollah was NEW and that it has no roots in the Jewish occupation of Palestinian homes and land, then I could excuse what is happening today. Unfortunately I can no longer ignore history. My dam has burst. If you want to call me an anti-Semite, go ahead. Palestinians and their descendants, for another 20 generations, will want their appropriated homes back and many Jews will forever dream of expanding the borders of Israel to include all of the Biblical lands between the Tigris and the Euphrates. The only solution is a multi ethnic state. The idea of the homogeneous state is an anachronism in today’s world. Two states Jewish and Palestinian can never live side by side in peace.

  • If the French and English can live together in Canada then why can’t Jews and Palestinians in Israel? Canada proves that a multi-ethnic state can work – and we are damn proud of this fact. Why can’t it work over there?

  • Biggarthomas, the Jews get to have their own state with or without your concerns. In fact, it is not up for discussion. You don’t ask about the right of Iraq and Turkey to exist as they trample on Kurdish historical rights that go much farther back in time (and deeper) than any Palestinian claims, do you?

    You don’t ask whether the US or France have a right to exist as they do. You certainly don’t question the right of Kuwait to exist or Saudi Arabia.

    The Palestinians currently represent a majority in 83% of “historic Palestine” – that is, Jordan. They have been offered another 20% of the remaining 17%. They have been offered a state, reparations, control over their holy sites in Jerusalem, control over east Jerusalem. They have been offered compromises in 1937, 1947 and 2000. Israel leaves Gaza and what do the Palestinians do? They attack each other first and Israel as well. That suggests to me that your plan fails before it gets off the ground.

    If you really hate war and wish to be productive, you might want to start encouraging the Palestinians to compromise. You might also wish to encourage the Lebanese to stop supporting a large organization bent on Israel’s destruction. Today, when Rice met with the Lebanese leadership, they essentially repeated Hizbullah’s position to her thereby underlining their own agreement and culpability in these attacks on Israel.

    Zed, Zed, Israel is already a multi-ethnic state. Fully 20% of its citizens are non-Jews, almost all of whom are Arab-Israelis. In fact, they will also complain, as do the French-Canadians, that they are disciminated against.

  • As well, Zed – zed, besides the Arab Israelis, there are Druse who also serve in the Army, Beduin who serve, and I am not sure but I believe if an Israeli wanted to serve, they could, altho there are obviously some hurdles there to go through.

    There are also many other non Jews who have been granted so called work visas which many of them used for over 20 years, and in fact, I believe that children born to them are Israeli citizens.
    We have read over the years many stories of such children who came from Colombia, Rumania, Africa, whse parents wanted to go back to their country of origin, and this caused a great trauma for these kids. imagine that. They work in a variety of productive capacity and some of them start their own businesses as well. In Tel Aviv, where I am based when in Israel, there are whole neighborhoods and areas where they reside, incl. special stores and services for them. IMO, this adds to the very cosmopolitan flavour of Tel Aviv.

    If you are questioning Israel’s right to exist over there, then there is nothing to discuss with you really.

    There were always Jews in this land, and there were a variety of rulers from the Romans to the Marmalukes, Turks, British and others that I left out.

    Jews also consistently would move there for the past 2000 years.

    It is our ancestral homeland and was a logical place to make a small Jewish state.

    Why the Arabs who have such a land mass, could not, and cannot accept this fact, is something, I will never understand.

  • If the French and English can live together in Canada then why can’t Jews and Palestinians in Israel?

    Er, a majority of the French in Quebec have for many years supported a Quebec state. Flag with a cross and royal French symbols on it, the whole ethnic ball of wax.

  • For the Quebecois in Canada – they dont really want to separate – they just want to feel special and get more federal money.

    Terrorism happens when there is no “Bread and Circusses” to amuse people. Only those that have nothing to lose economically will go and do crazy shit like terrorism. If you give someone a good economic situation – make them fat dumb and happy – then they willnot be terrorists.

    Do you understand what I am saying? Embrace those that want to live there. Integrate them into the economy. Once you have a significant number of Palestinians in the economy then they will prevent other nutcases from attacking and causing shit.

  • themiddle – You can rage against me all you want but you cannot reason why someone who has been cast out of their home, within living memory, should not want that home back. You can offer me anything else (remember the Soviets and Birobijan). You can argue the Bible all you want but, if 60 years ago I had a house in Jerusalem and someone else now lives there against my will what do you expect me to do settle for something else because the occupier wants to stay there?

  • Zed Zed, go back in time a decade or so, and the Palestinians worked primarily in the Israeli economy, mainly in various labor positions. They were even employed by the Jews of Gaza, and guess what?? They blew it. They prefer to march around in their ski masks, with guns in the air, sacrificing their brethern to blow up some Zionists (i.e. women, children, elderly, or anything within the vicinity). THey’ve been given numerous opportunities to join the rest of the civilized world and enter the 21st century, but they prefer instead blow every single opportunity and simply further their society into one based on murder and martyrs and all that great stuff. What beguiles me is how someone can still sit their and talk about “peaceful solutions” when the people and their Government have openly stated their position the destruction of the Jewish state. Their agenda hasn’t changed much in the past 58 or so years. Yeesh

  • The U.S. is now a legitimate military target

    1. US government blocks cease fire.
    2. US government blocks UN resolution against Israel.
    3. US government rushes more jet fuel to Israel.
    4. US government sends more bombs to Israel.

    The US Government is inviting an attack on American citizens to move their war along.

  • Uh, Biggarthomas, that wasn’t rage or close to it. And the situation you describe is exactly what happened to many Jews that fled Arab countries. Israel took them in, absorbed them, made them citizens and became their home. Many lost their homes in Europe as well and that is well within living memory of many families. They never engaged in terror or targeting civilians however. They rebuilt their lives.

    Oh, and where did I mention the bible?

    Maybe you were a hippie like 15 years ago…. but get over it!!!!

  • How come the jews always think they’re right in every argument about the Middle-East? It’s not that black and white.