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Laya and I were in Tel Aviv two days ago when we got a call from the CBC. They wanted to do an interview and talk about what it was like blogging in a “war zone.” So we set up a camera on King George and Dizengoff and had a little chat which was broadcast all across Canada on The National (click here to see the broadcast – forward to 39th minute – requires Real Audio plugin). In the meantime, Tel Avivians around us were walking to and fro – shopping, eating and going to bars and cafes – the stuff Tel Avivians always do. During the day, the bomb shelters were open, but nobody was in them.

Gimme Shelter - No One's Home!

Afterwards, we joined Jacob Shwirtz for a typical night out in Tel Aviv. Jacob took us in, Jerusalemite country bumpkins that we are, and wanted to show us what a rockin’ night out in the big (war torn?) city is like. So we went to a bar and had a beer.

Man, those Tel Avivians are craaaazy! Talk about La Vida Loca! While in Tel Aviv, we met with some friends at the American Apparel store in Dizengoff Center. They showed us their latest campaign – at 15% off coupon meant to welcome people to their new store titled “Glad you came.”

Glad You Came

In fact, if you print out this post and bring it to the store, they’ll give you 15% off. The store is located at Dizengoff Center, 69 King George street (69? Good grief), Tel Aviv. The offer is valid until October 1st, 2006. So yes, there is a double entendre here but beyond that, the message is ironically appropriate. Given the war and always precarious political situation, we here in Israel are always happy when people from overseas come. To visit. In like… a show of solidarity.

So yes, we do like it when you come. And we especially like it when you stay too. This has been an issue, even in relatively peaceful Jerusalem. We just met Sarah for instance and her freaking out parents have forced her to leave the country ASAP. Last night, we went to see Tory who is also leaving at her parents behest and in the process giving up an apartment with the view below:

Old City View, near Damascus gate

We had a little party, drank some really good Yardeni wine and contemplated the craziness of the situation. And dude, that apartment was hot! If any of you are parents with children in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv or anywhere in Israel – chill the hell out. Your kids are safer here than you are when you get behind the wheel of your car. Stop with the mishegas!

Speaking of crazy, I have to say thaat despite everything, many people here have clearly gone insane. Check out this war-stress inspired heavy metal ditty by Harry featuring timeless lyrics like: “Brimstone! … Limestone! … Fred Flintstone!” And then there’s the following video on youtube called The Zionist Conspiracy. It features 3 guys who clearly wish to remain anonymous, lest the world realize how insane they are. Let’s just call them Harry as the bearded American, Dan as the Jew and Michael as the Arab. Enjoy:

Finally, Rabbi Yo previously asked “What’s a Middle Eastern conflict without a Flash game?” To that I answer, what’s a Middle Eastern Conflict without two! Click here to punch, kick and beat the shit out of Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Beat him up, clean him up, and beat him up some more until he and his henchmen release our boys. Thanks to Jameel for the link by the way. He’s done a great job blogging about the Rocket War so far on his blog, The Muqata جميل في المقاطعة.

Oy dude

Have fun. We’ll let you know if things get really messed up here. In the meantime, have a peaceful sabbath back there in Babylon. We’ll be fine. Really.

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  • I admit that I tend to take “my parents forced me to leave” with a grain of salt. My brother and sister-in-law were here at the start of the last intifada and left within a month. The official reason “parents freaking out”. Real reason “they were freaking out”. But it is cooler to blame parents. Though after a certain point (like, adulthood, or in my brother’s case, being married), it sounds rather silly to say one’s parents are still calling the shots. If you want to stay, and you are an adult, you just don’t get on the plane.

    Okay, will get off my soapbox. (Sorry–kinda a pet peeve there). Completely unrelated topic==can anyone recommend any good, non-insane/Holocaust denier, Lebanese blogs? I really would like to know what is going on over there, from their side.

  • Always happy to show my Jerusalemite friends… and practically anyone else… cool places in Tel Aviv. Fun times were had. Shabbat shalom!

  • I am SO printing out that coupon and heading to TLV next week. Need sexy t-shirts.

    JS is super fun – way or no way? Way!

    Those three guys are MADE for web TV. But I am still convinced that the whole “situation” is because God didn’t want the Gays to come to Israel and he’s using Hisbollah in his mighty plan. (The Gays are already here and more are coming, btw.)

    Oh, and people were in the TLV bomb shelters. Bomb shelters are used as community meeting places all over Israel during more peaceful times. Two AA meetings take place in bomb shelters in TLV – in Hebrew and in English. More info at http://www.aa-israel.org/.

  • Privet Dave,

    I saw you on National TV that night. I’m happy that you are ok. I guess you are not going à Moscou 😉 I wish everybody stay healthy there and I hope to see soon in Montreal some day.
    Au revoir!

  • i don’t think that’s the right way to show solidarity (visiting some country in war) and i don’t guess people should be simpathetic to countries in war, never ever!

  • We need more of these threesome videos to teach us the real core issues at the heart of the news. I don’t understand why the US is so buddy buddy with Islamiaman. I would understand a secret plot to assasinate you three though.