It turns out that the IDF allowed Hizbullah back into the same outposts on the Lebanese side from which they fled just several weeks ago. Also, it turns out that the IDF lowered its threat profile from high alert in the north of Israel just a couple of days ago. Lo and behold, we have just watched Hizbullah launch a successful operation. Apparently even the tank that went over a charge killing all four of its crew members, drove into a trap.

These emerging details indicate severe problems among IDF planners and officers who have now allowed this attack to surprise Israel at a cost of lives much higher than Hizbullah has experienced thus far. This is the same top brass that allowed the Kerem Shalom attack to take place a couple of weeks ago despite serious and correct warnings from intelligence services.

These two failures have happened on Halutz’s watch. He is now watching as his planners and officers lead Israel into a war against Hizbullah and Lebanon – a war Israel must win decisively. One can only hope that he is up to the task. Based on these two examples, it’s hard to be sure that he is. The IDF is much deeper than one person, but ultimately it is a hierarchy and the person at the top sets the tone for everyone else. The IDF has to perform now without any possibility of failure. Its victory must be overwhelming. Admittedly, this war is very different than defending outposts against surprise attacks, and let’s hope Halutz’s team is up to this task. We don’t want Halutz to strike out a third time.

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  • Absolutey prissy response. not enough, too little too late. You see, Sadam understood how to rule these people.

    Anything humanitarian, they see as a weakness. they only respect brutality.

  • well duh the virtues of static defense people! if ure standing behind a fence ure bound to get lazy and caught with ure pants down (I hope they at least made an “asher yatzar”). Not to mention you’ll then trip on ure pants which are still around your ankles when you try to chase after the hated neighborhood bully.

    easy fasting yids

  • Wow, Steves Rick, we actually agree on something!

    Exiled Yeru, come home! The fast is over here. 🙂

  • Good observation from you’re watch in the USA TM. If Halutz proves not up to the task, you plan to fly in and contribute?

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to save the critizism until…..oh I don’t know…..maybe ‘after the war’?

  • Jim, the criticism about the two attacks where the kidnappings occurred are more than justified. This post is about the fact that Halutz and his commanders cannot fail this time. Success is the only option.

    As for contributing to the war effort, I’m afraid that I’d be more of a hindrance than a help.

  • Here’s is some moral support for a lone democracy in surrounded by thugs and dictators(kind’a like the USA feels sometimes at the UN) from Bob Dylans Neighborhood Bully:

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    “The neighborhood bully just lives to survive,
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  • the problem in those attacks stems from the Israeli mentaliity of “yihiye beseder.

  • I agree, Optimist.

    I also think that all the politics that play out in the upper ranks of the military may be having an impact here. I hope not, but it’s what I suspect.

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