Two Fox journalists, U.S. correspondent Steve Centanni (R) and New Zealand cameraman Olaf Wiig, appearing in a videotape aired Wed. (Reuters)

Palestinians continue their violence and evil, threatening to kill two Fox News Journalists, unless America releases all Muslims from US jails. We understand that Fox News is seen as pro-Israel, and also that according to Abdel Malik Ali, and radical Muslims in the US, and maybe worldwide, it is considered part of the “Zionist Controlled Media.” Perhaps Fox was targeted because it is perceived as being Jewish or pro-Israel?

This would sound like something out of Monty Python, if in fact it were not so sad and tragic. The whole communique is absurd and cryptic, out of some second rate Hollywood movie.

And thy have to start a new group? What Hamas and Islamic Jihad not “bad” enough? It makes me sick.

A previously unknown militant group in Gaza on Wednesday claimed responsibility for the kidnapping nine days ago of two Fox journalists, and demanded the United States release “Muslim prisoners” within 72 hours.

“Release what you have, and we will release what we have,” the Holy Jihad Brigades said in a fax sent to reporters.

Fox correspondent Steve Centanni, an American, and cameraman Olaf Wiig, from New Zealand, were snatched from their TV van near the Palestinian security services headquarters in Gaza City on August 14 as they were working on a story.

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  • I can’t believe Steve Centanni is 60 years old. He must be the world’s most handsome 60 year old. Anyway, I hope these two dudes make it out okay.

  • You should have seen the kow-towing Geraldo was doing on the issue last night on his Fox show ‘Geraldo at Large’. He actually said that the Palestinians would not normally do this as they ‘were too humane& honorable’! At that point thinking of the folks who invented modern terrorism, and with the blood of at least a half dozen US Citizens killed in the last few years by same in suicide bombings or just shootings on my mind, I turned to another channel. What about our US Embassy folks who were gunned down a year or so ago? No one cares or bothers to mention them. I say these clowns will probably not make it. Maybe then they’ll be getting the real story in Gaza. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • Why don’t you guys just give back the land you have taken from the palestinians and maybe there is a chance that we could all live in peace. I’m not a christian, muslim, jew or a part of any other faith, but rather just a concerned American citizen who wishes to see his kids grow old. I follow all the major news channels like CNN, MSNBC and of course Fox, but somehow it seems that Fox is always at odds with the way issues are portrayed in the middle east. Why is that? And to the rocket scientist who makes the above comment, implying that palestinians are not humane & honorable. Let me just respond in simple terms. If my land was taken from me and my family was regularly looking down the barrels of US made weapons, I would do everything in my power to respond in kind. Since responding in kind is not possible as I don’t own F-16 jets, Apache helicopters or other sophisticated weaponry, I would likely resort to some primitive means to showcase my anger and frustration, even if it came at the expense of my own body. If that’s not honor, I don’t know what is. To highlight another subject, as a former US veteran, I’ve seen over 2,600 of my brave brothers and sisters killed in Iraq. I have asked myself over and over since the beginning of this war why our military walked into this trap instead of finishing the job in Afghanistan and seeing the end of that parasite Osama. We’re smarter than that. Well, maybe our administration agenda hasen’t been as transparent as we would like to think. Maybe the real agenda has been to act in the best interest of Israel, maybe not? The idea is to start asking questions. Ask yourself, ask your friend, ask everybody. Get an open debate going on how we can get ourselves out of this mess. And for God’s sake, keep an open mind when you’re watching Fox news. I know it’s hard listening to characters like Bill O’Reily and Sean Hannity so don’t let them bully your thoughts and beliefs into submission. I truly feel sorry for guys like Steve Centanni, his cameraman and their families who may end up paying the ultimate price for the hate preached and broadcast by the Fox news network. Best to all, Ray

  • Ray,
    Why don’t you get an education on the history of Israel idiot? Israel is the homeland of the Jews. The Arabs are not indigenous to Israel and no one took their land. Arabs are actually occupying Jewish land.
    I think it’s disgusting that you advocate terrorism and have children. I hope one day your children aren’t blown to bits Islamic terrorists. You are an evil piece of trash.
    Arabs blow themselves up because they want to murder Jews and destroy Israel. That’s the main reason for the conflict not land since Arabs, Muslims own 99% of the Middle East.
    My father and grandfather are veterans of the American military and you are an insult to all veterans. You should move to Lebanon and fight with the Hizzbollah terrorists jerk!

  • Ray, hundreds of thousands of Jews lost their homes, land and assets in 1948. They lived in Arab countries and many had to flee their respective countries in those years. The numbers are quite significant and actually exceed the number of Palestinians who were counted as refugees. Many of these refugees fled to France, but the majority ended up fleeing to Israel where they were made into citizens and absorbed into the larger society. Today, their descendants and they count for approximately half of Israel’s Jewish population.

    Did they go off and commit suicide bombings? Nope. Do they use the enemy’s civilians as their primary target as well as their own civilians as himan shields? Nope. The Palestinians often do, however. Yup, these Jewish Arabs who escaped with virtually nothing and landed in Israel rebuilt lives destroyed by war. They fought to defend Israel when necessary, but they certainly behaved differently than what you suggest would be a normal course of behavior such as many Palestinians are following. They rebuilt their lives.

    There is also greater meaning here in that if you read your history, you will see that the Jews were willing to divide the land into two states, including one for the Arabs. This offer was not only refused, but it was followed by a war launched against Israel. It was this war that determined Israel’s borders and as a former soldier you would have been impressed with the performance of the undermanned, poorly armed army that ended up defeating several Arab armies after months of war. During that war, Israel lost one percent of its population, by the way. I should also add that this division of the land idea was floated by the British in 1937. The Jews accepted, the Arabs rejected. In 1947 it was the UN proposing the division which the Jews accepted and the Arabs rejected. In 2000 it was Israel making the offer which, of course, the Palestinians rejected…

    As for your other comments about Iraq, I’m afraid your logic is quite lacking. As Shaul Mofaz said just before the Iraq War, when he became Chief of Staff of the IDF, Israel did not consider Iraq a threat. At all. I’m afraid the US is fighting that war for other reasons and you would do well to ask the US Administration why.

    with regards to Fox covering news differently than other channels, indeed they do. Seems to work for Rupert Murdoch, though.

  • Steve, Nina undermines her argument by cursing at you and calling you names. She has no class. She doesn’t understand (she’s probably only about 22) that personal attacks close off hearts. The middle, on the other hand, presents his side without losing his temper. I agree with you, my friend. I also agree with the middle in that Israel has tried to offer a two state solution. I still call for the peace dissolution of Israel, which I’m sure I’ll receive a cursed out response for saying that. And if she leaves the curse words out, she’ll imply that I’m a retard. Having no religious affiliation, she can’t see how similar both sides look, holding onto their doctrine in one hand and killing people with the other. I don’t think our creator meant that we should kill to make things happen.

  • Dear Nina, If I have managed to get a substantive debate going on this site (even for a few minutes) than I’m happy. Just wanted to let you know that if your comments weren’t laced with insults then your point of view would warrant a thoughtful response. You’ve managed to call me an idiot, an evil piece of trash, a jerk and above all, an insult to all veterans. Did I leave anything out? I understand that you’re passionate about the subject as many people are these days. Whatever your age, life experience, intellectual aptitude or perspective on the issue at hand, you’re entitled to your opinion. Just try to channel your thoughts in a more constructive way. Thanks & best to all. -Ray

  • Lay off Nina.

    Nina, you go, girl! You rock!

    And who is Steve in #7?

  • I keep telling people they get their names from the businesses their families own, for example: “The Holy Jihad Brigade’s Quickie Mart, Tire Center, Golf-n-Kart, Oriental Carpet House”…but who wants to put all of that in a fax?

  • and when Jehovah thy God shall deliver them up before thee, and thou shalt smite them; then thou shalt utterly destroy them: thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them;
    Wow i wish i was a jew! then i could have this kind of god, the kind that gives people no mercy! i loveit !!! it sucks how this is the only religion that says that though,. I wish i was a jew! i get to kill people, to the extent that there is nothing left! notice the sarcasm, thanks

  • Ray,
    I am young and passionate and so much smarter than you. You can’t debate me because I have the truth on my side and you are ignorant.
    Yes Ray you are pure evil for supporting the terrorists who blow up little children just for being Jewish. One day your children might be blown up for being American and I doubt you would support that.
    Goy Boy or Ahmed,
    I never used cuss words in my comments so it’s obvious you are a foreigner. God doesn’t like people who support the destruction of a great nation like Israel. Jews don’t murder at random like the Arabs. There is no comparision between the two groups and if you can’t see that than you are morally bankrupt.

  • Dear Nina, You’re Right, I’m Wrong. You’re Smart, I’m Ignorant. You are Good, I’m Evil. You have the Truth on your side, I’m dishonest and morally bankrupt. Your nation Israel is Great, the Arab nations are inferior. The lives of your children are worth a lot more than the lives of Arab children. Hope you can sleep better at night. Best to all, Ray

  • Ray;
    You obviously didn’t comprehend anything I wrote. First of all my beloved country is America. I’m not Jewish but I’m very pro-Israel which is something you probably don’t understand.
    I never wrote that Arab children’s lives are less valuable than Jewish children. I have more respect for the lives of Arab children than their own leaders who use them as human shields.
    I’m not sorry for telling you what you are. Why don’t you defend your support for terrorists? Be a man and debate me instead of acting like a wuss.

  • now then. i think we all know that israel wants gaza and the westbank and the decision to retreat in 1967 from these territories has been regreted ever since. israel is a young country and is acting like one, france was expanding its borders far later in her history for example. the trouble is the eyes of the world are on these little patches of land so an all out conquest isn’t politically viable. instead israel has to make life for the palestinains as bad as possible so that they leave on their own account- this stratigem has been very sucessfull with those who can get out leaving. the side effect being palestinain counter attacks. so how do presume to know this? well i speak with empiracal data as i have been to nablus (april 2001) as seen the wanton destruction inflicted on the city by the idf for the sole purpose of making life as hard as possible for the occupants. if anyone is interested about my experiences reply to this and ill give you a more detailed account.

  • hey nina why don’t u and u want to be
    chosen people take u silly ass back to
    easr europe and russia , and get the hell
    out of palestine.