flyerfinal.jpgUPDATE EVENT COSTS $7!
Jewlicious friend Sarah Nadav asked me to let everyone in the LA area know about a pro-Israel event this week. I imagine they have some realistic military games where you can blast Hizbollah fighters all night long. Certainly a great stress releiver.

Get your Game on for Israel Join the AFL Young Professionals at the Arena Video game lounge for a night of kicking back, relaxing and getting game for Israel. Aug 10th at 8pm 11512 Santa Monica Blvd. This event is free for members (special YP membership fee is only $18) and $7 for non- Members.

For more info email [email protected]

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  • Kind of dopey but I suppose lets off some steam. Those of us sitting this one out in the diaspora are leaderless.

    We should be all raising money for the poor folk who had to relo. from the north.

    Maybe this is some kind of fundraiser.

    There is no plan in the diaspora about what we should be doing in a daily way.

    Then again, except for the north in Israel everyone is glued to the TV so I am told.

  • Reps from the consulate and department of aliya are coming to give people info about what they can do to help Israel.

    Its not really a fundraiser (of course, that a great thing to do if you have $$$) but if you have time and energy but not so much $$ this is a chance to get together, have some fun and learn about getting involved with Pro-Israel projects here in LA.

  • People have been asking me what the Arena lounge is… (

    West L.A.’s newest gaming venue, which blends the “chill” atmosphere of a Las Vegas ultra lounge with the controlled chaos of the video game universe.”
    LA Daily News