bobdylan.jpgComing in at a close second to Theodore Herzl in my inappropriate crushes department is Bob Dylan.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for the haunted, driven, misunderstood, ahead-of-their times visionary types.

In Bob’s upcoming album Modern Times (his 44th!), he sings longingly about soulful singer Alicia Keys.

That interesting little fact inspired this article looking at Dylan’s career long influence by and infatuation with black women.

Maybe that’s why I never got invited back stage.

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Laya Millman


  • Herzl’s a perfectly reasonable person to have a crush on. I know I do! Which poses a problem. Perhaps a Brandy and Monica-esque “That Boy is Mine” music video is in order.

  • Alicia Keys is all right, but something seems off about her. She seems a little manly. If I were Bob Dylan, I’d much rather chill with Laya.

    Yeah. I said it. Laya’s hotter.

  • I think Bob’s obsession with this issue is due more to an emotional problem of his own rather than anything else. It has been noted often before that he has not always been comfortable with who he is;probably still isn’t. Identifying with these women went way beyond chasing shiksas. I think Bob thought he could REALLY change his identity by association. I love him but this is distasteful. BTW the Mavis Staples story is a little shaky. He said he asked her to marry him once in the very early sixties and was refused ‘cos she wasn’t interested in whitey. He then went on to marry Sara and live pretty chastely, it appears, for many years in the country. Mavis musta done a lot of commuting and hiding out for their seven-year courtship to have been in this time period. Whatever…