depeche_mode0204.jpgAdding to the sorrow of Israelis (especially the Israeli Depeche Mode Fan Club) is the cancellation of Depeche Mode’s first ever concert in Israel to be held Motzei Tisha B’av. 40,000 tickets were sold in order to hear such moving lyrics as:

Death is everywhere
There are flies on the windscreen
For a start
Reminding us
We could be torn apart

Or this one…

Like a cat
dragged in from the rain
who goes straight back out
to do it all over again
I’ll be back for more
it’s something
that is out of our hands
something we will never understand
it’s a hidden law
the apple falls
destiny calls
I follow you

And their Jewish anthem:

They were raining from the sky
Exploding in my heart
Is this a love in disguise
Or just a form of modern art

From the skies you can almost hear their cry
Tora! Tora! Tora!
In the town they were going down
Tora! Tora! Tora!

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Did you mean Motzei Tisha B’av? Sorry to be pedantic…

  • I’m sure 40,000 fans are upset but I wouldn’t cross the street to see a free Depeche Mode concert… And Rabbi, take a look at the lyrics again that song is about WWII Kamakazis not the Torah, but you left out “Personal Jezuz” could you imagine 40,000 Jews singing that song in HaAretz???

  • as the great Butthead said “I think Depeshe Mode means “we are wussies ” in French.”

  • Look, I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours…but I think that Gd has a sick sense of humour…

    Enjoy the silence.

  • Mar Shed: You just don’t know Rabbi Yo. He’s really funny, and that ‘Tora’ bit was a joke. 🙂

    Nick: Isn’t that what Rabbi Yo wrote? Unless he changed it…

  • I hope this doesn’t hurt Israel’s chances for hosting Human League and Modern English reunions.