Caroline Glick is one smart woman. I don’t always agree with her views, but she’s a sharp analyst and her views deserve consideration. Today, however, I think her analysis of the “cease fire” and subsequent measures by the international community to end this war reveals the folly of accepting some of these terms. Her article is very much on target, and one can only hope that Israel counters some of the pressure it is feeling on this issue before it is too late.

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  • Apparently, behind her back, staff at the Jerusalem Post call Glick the Chihuahua. Her editorials are never fact checked because she just makes shit up all the time and many of her “facts” never check out. But other than that, I’m sure she’s a really smart woman.

  • CK — that is a serious and unfounded libel against Glick. As a fellow journalist, I know her to be a writer of total honest. Indeed, at times I have been amazed by things I read in her columns, thinking this can’t be true, this is just right-wing paranoia. When I look into it, it all checks out. The loshon horah about her at the Jerusalem Post is largely attributable to personality issues; she has not made herself well-liked, but that is no crime.

    The article on the folly of surrendering to Hezbollah — by giving up Har Dov and putting our lives in the hands of French soldiers – is important, given that few seem to be talking about the fact that Olmert is openly discussing total capitulation in war that is supposed to be our “legitimate” war. So CK, if you have any accurate facts to bring to bear on this important national issue, by all means produce them.

    And please lets end the loshon horah as we approach Tish B’Av.