A large building in Haifa collapsed trapping most of its inhabitants. So far, there is one known fatality and 4 wounded in critical condition. Earlier in the day, a rocket barrage landed at Kfar Giladi, killing 12 reserve soldiers and wounding 12 others, 4 of them critically. It appears the soldiers did not heed the siren and did not move into shelters. There were numerous other rocket attacks on Israeli targets and Israel continues to see upward of 100 such attacks every day and 400 in the past two days.

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  • My prayers go out to the people of Israel. No one should have to endure this, especially just because they have claimed the land God has given them.

  • “Victims did not take shelter after siren”… Indeed, it seems people have gotten so used to the amount of rockets falling, that they did not attempt to take cover. Sad.

  • We attended a bat-mitzvah last night – both the host and another guest are neighbors who are about to go up and serve in the division that got hit. The word that they received was that the soldiers all scrambled behind a concrete wall to take cover – and a katyusha unfortunately hit right there.

    This was a group of “rear support” for their division – the guys who maintain supply and communications lines with the fighters up front.