Media juggernauts have no choice but to count on local “news journalists” for the money shots in this war. So it comes as no surprise that Hizbollah has created a cadre of “photojournalists” to give the gory-eye catching shots for sensation hunting world opinion machines. In walks Reuters photographer Adnan Hajj’s who gives us the Qana episode and the billowing smoke over Beirut. Not one mainstream media outlet has taken this story, perhaps because they count on such operatives themselves.

And now someone has sent a death threat to LGF!

The Story of the Beirut Arial Photo Massacre A Reuters photograph of smoke rising from buildings in Beirut has been withdrawn after coming under attack by American web logs. The blogs accused Reuters of distorting the photograph to include more smoke and damage.

The Story of Hizbollah Guys Abusing Children’s Corpses for Photo Ops As best we can, we have pieced together the jumble of evidence which surrounded the production of the iconic photographs which were published around the world, and put them in perspective.

The Story of How Hajj doctored the photos, and more!

More Hajj Photos That Incite Hatred of Jes and Israel

Faked F16 picts from Hajj.

Other Reuters photo-hacsk have joined the PR fight. Namely one Issam Kobeisi.

Tip of the Hat to humblegunner, a reader at LGF who uncovered this first attempt to remove the dust spots on the picture.

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  • Face it, Israel simply cannot win a propoganda war. There is an unexplainable hatred for the Jewish people. All of you really do symbolize people’s view of G-D; though caring, nice, and willing to help the stranger, everyone turns their back on you without explanation.

  • Considering the very successful lobbying and other politicking that Israel has done, are you sure that a PR war is needed? And there are those who dislike Jews and Israel, there are those who like Jews and dislike Israel, and there are those who like Jews and dislike certain aspects of Israel, and like other aspects of Israel. I’m thrilled that Israel offers far more freedom and protection to GLBTQ folk than its neighbors, to name one example, but rather pissed that Israeli soldiers shot at my former roomie, a journalist whose only crime is not bringing her son round more often. If one wishes to begin a campaign, target folk who at least like Jews, and perhaps they will bring the Jew-haters around for you.

  • Wow, you people never seize to amaze me!! you from all people should complain about a propoganda war?? I believe it speaks for itself, killing of the innocent, children ( most of them are below the age of 5 yrs old) women and old people, hiding and fleeing your bombs. UN hideaways and bunkers, UN and Ambulances carrying away citizens you bomb with your helicopters, and you have the nerves to speak about a propoganda war??? and you critisize those people inside on Israel that are protesting the war? atleast someone has a heart in that wanna be country. This is coming from a person who dislikes hizballa and by far am I for them, but you have no room to talk, this is coming from people who keep whining and crying about the holocaust, when you in return have caused numerous holocaust and murdered in cold blood so many innocent people. so, when you live in a glass house don’t throw rocks, if anyone learned any evilness they learned it from you.

  • It was a Christian philo-Semite PM of Britain who encouraged Zionism in the Land of Israel and signed off on the Balfour Declaration.

  • Why would Christians who supports Jews be a liability? Sure, there are some nut jobs that teach we should only support Jews so long as they are willing to convert (such as Luther, which led to his hatred of the Jews), but there are others, such as myself, who simply view Jews as still chosen by God. We still read the Torah (Though called the “Old Testament” which is a bad name for it) and even the “New Testament” speaks of the Jews being chosen. It’s the main reason America supports you…if not for these Christians constantly writing to the government, then America would simply be another European nation in dealing with Israel.

  • R. Yonah,

    I once heard that the definition of a chiddush is something that once you hear it is both obvious and something you wish you had thought of.

    This picture is a chiddush.

  • They aren’t all born crazy, you just make them crazy. Murder their kids and steal their land. i dont see a difference between crazy muslims like Al Qaida, Hizballa and extremist jews who think they are God’s chosen people.. way to go..maybe Mel Gibson did have a point

  • Firas is just pissed because Godzilla (Iran calls it The Zionist Lizardy Entity) stepped on his house. Grow up. Learn from the Japanese. These things happen…

  • Firas;
    Blaming Jews for Arabs being crazy?! Is everything wrong with the Arabs caused by the Jews? Can your people ever take responsibility for their own actions? The questions are rhetorical because I know what your answers will be.
    The Arabs are the ones who have stolen land and murdered Jewish children but you can’t or refuse to see reality.
    I’m not Jewish nor a fundamentalist Christian but people like you have made me pro-Israel because you are so damned illogical and mentally unbalanced.

    I don’t believe every Arab is crazy but there is a sizable number that are when it comes Israel and the Jews. I’ve known quite a few Arabs who are reasonable until they start talking about Jews. I had one very nice Arab woman tell me that the Jews orchestrated suicide bombings in Israel to elicit symapthy from the world. I’ve had other Arabs tell me that the Mossad is behind the every conflict in Arab countries and that Arafat was a man of peace. That is definately insane!

  • Oyster, LOL at your Zionist Lizardy Entity . . . that is EXActly what the Iranians would call her.

  • Sugartits, LOL . . . a new word has entered the lexicon! I’m just waiting for a conflict, so I can use it! I’ll even use it on a boy. Some guy gives me a dirty look in traffic for playing my music too loud . . “What are you looking at, Sugartits?” No, I better not. I don’t want to get my *** kicked.

  • I do not hate jews, however, you tell me to see reality? i am seeing it clear, bottom line, when israel was created i recall in history books that it was the jews that invaded arab villages and cities and massacered its citizens and forced them to leave, so don’t preach about who’s the terrorist and who’s the hero defending what you call Democracy. is that how its done by the IDF? terrorise them to stop being terrorists??? i have a website you can check it out nkusa.org.. maybe u can learn something from these guys, jewdism isnt evil by far it is a nice religion and i know and admire lots of jewish people from writters and so on.. but enough with the propaganda and try not to be so biased you are lying to your self and don’t tell me for me to see reality you need to check your own reality. again nkusa.org and lebaneselobby.org

  • By the way to the doosh bag who called me mentaly unbalanced why dont u just shut up cuz if u do, maybe u can make a logical point by keeping ur dumb ass quiet and read some history books retard.

  • Firas, people who are ignorant should not rant and rave. It looks bad and makes people ignore what they write. There’s clearly a great deal you don’t know about this conflict or its history. Certainly there is far less you know about Jews. Why don’t you ask and learn instead of wasting all that effort typing?

  • theres a great deal that i do know and you don’t. anyways i had enough of this who cares it wont make a difference anyways i think i am talking to the doosh bag again the middle guy i got a middle finger for u doosh, since u r retarded and an idiot, don’t tell me what i know and what i need to know.. u do not tell me about the history of where i am from!! where r u from anyways?? and this sight is way too biased and whatever makes u happy, go watch another movie about the halacaust and cry about it..