michael lucasIn the tradition of USO girls, gay entertainment star, and member of the tribe, Michael Lucas will be coming on to Israel to cheer up the boys.

A New York-based gay Jewish porn star is travelling to Israel to perform, free of charge for soldiers, as a show of solidarity with the Israeli people in their time of war with Hizbullah. Michael Lucas, owner and star of gay porn studio Lucas Entertainment, will perform in Israel from August 29, and produce a gay porn movie while there. Anyone that’s ever seen one of the movies that are popular on websites like gaypornhd.xxx will be able to correctly figure out how the movie will play out.

“It will be my fourth trip to Israel, and my third time to perform there,” he said on his blog. “I am very proud to be going to my home away from home and entertain gay Israelis in a time of war.”

This of course will make the aforementioned game “gay or Israeli” a lot easier.

Update: Michael Lucas has a blog – with lots of hot IDF soldiers of course. check it out here. Hat tip to John.

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