I thought this was an interesting analysis by Ron Ben-Yishai of the current and future situations Israel faces. I’m not sure about all of the proposals, but some of them are simple common sense solutions.

Those who think that the ceasefire in Lebanon ended the war are living in a fool’s paradise. The war in Lebanon was just one campaign in an overall war being waged against us by fundamentalist Islam and Arab radicalism. The war’s goal is to wipe Israel off the map in the Middle East, or at least to push us back to the 1967 borders.

This war also has a clear two-stage strategic plan put together in Teheran: The current stage can be called – the guerilla and attrition stage – during which the Palestinians and Hizbullah will create casualties on the Israeli home front by firing rockets and dispatching suicide bombers.

The idea is to humiliate the IDF with severe blows, forcing it to respond and subsequently losing the support of the international community. At the same time, Israeli civilian resistance will begin to crumble, the IDF bereft of its confidence, will have its combat capabilities eroded by the Sisyphean pursuit of terror cells and rocket launching pads.

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  • Why do we need a foreign entity to humiliate us? We already have Olmert, Peretz, and Halutz doing enough damage.