Denis MacEoin is a scholar who has been a professor of Islamic studies. At one point he was a Ba’hai although he apparently left the sect many years ago. He published a well Letter to British PM Blair in the Jerusalem Post about the fight against Israel and how it represents a much bigger fight by Islam against the West. No, it’s not something we haven’t heard before, but it’s well written and worth a look.

I used to teach Arabic and Islamic Studies at Newcastle University, but my specialization has always been in Iranian affairs, specifically aspects of Shi’ite Islam. I am also a regional coordinator for the Israel Peace Forum, and much involved in presenting an accurate and nuanced picture of the Middle East conflict as a whole.

I believe that your analysis of a wide arc of terror is entirely accurate, and that failure to act now against the spreading evil of radical Islam may expose this country, its allies, and many other nations round the globe to increasingly severe acts of terror that will shift, given time, to more conflict of the kind now seen in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Not only that, but a perceived victory for Hizbullah would permit both Syria and Iran to extend their baneful influence further through the region. If Hizbullah is seen to be capable of fighting with reasonable success against one of the world’s best armies, how may that not be interpreted elsewhere in the Islamic world? It would certainly be a boost for recruitment to radical jihadist ideology, to active jihadist groups, and to international organizations like al-Qaida.

Here in Britain, support for terrorism among large sections of the Muslim population is an alarming trend that must surely be cut off before it grows to unmanageable proportions. I believe you are right to call for the glorification of terrorism to become an offence, but I also believe you have been taking advice from sections within the Muslim community that are committed to an anti-Western, anti-British, and anti-Semitic view of the world.

If Hizbullah should proclaim even a partial victory, I would expect to see more young Muslims here flock to the banner of jihad, whether to fight abroad or here in the UK.

Given that context and the knowledge that that the destruction of Israel would win its author acclamations from every quarter of the globe, I fear for Israel. I have seen documents that suggest al-Qaida already possesses nuclear materials. I know, as you do, that Iran is bent on the acquisition of nuclear weapons.

Even a small number of such weapons in the hands of Hizbullah could wreak untold calamity on the people of Israel and open up chaos in international affairs. Unlike Ahmadinejad, I do not wish to sound apocalyptic.

But I do believe that the elimination of Israel is planned, plotted, and even scheduled with great care and seriousness in more than one country. And I am convinced that, if Israel disappears, the consequences for all of us will be fearful.

Just as our parents and grandparents fought the dark ideology of Nazism in the 1930s and 40s, so I believe this generation has the heaviest of responsibilities face to face with this growing threat to all civilized values. Not just the West, but the peoples of the Islamic world too may see their way of life changed for ever should the totalitarian spectre impose itself and its deadening hatred of life on all we and they hold dear.

I don’t like to speak in terms of historic moments or symbolic conflicts, but I’m afraid that, as this struggle intensifies, I am bound to do so.

Civilization itself is at stake. The values of democracy, the rule of law, human rights, and the open society are as much or more at risk today than in the decades when we confronted, first German fascism and then Soviet communism.

Read it all. It is sobering.

UPDATE: While former Islamic scholars may be toiling away writing long letters to Blair about apocalyptic Muslim attacks on the West, Paris Hilton informs a British reporter that she does actually know who Blair is: ““Who?, Oh yeah… he’s like your president?” This was at a news conference where she was announcing a year of celibacy. She indicates that kissing is allowed. Folks, this is obviously the real news of the day, even if it has nothing to do with Jews.

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  • When Islam has Clerics that have militias, and Islam sponsors what it perceives as a holy war, do the Islamics not understand this will lead to the destruction of countires like Iran and Syria by nuclear weapons?

  • I agree with Terik. If these countries keep supporting assaults on Israel then Israel’s allies, specifically the more aggressive ones like the U.S., are going to bomb the CRAP out of them.

  • That is the problem, David. Iran needs to be nuked now, while we still have an advantage over them.

    For Lebanon, I would destroy to rubble 40 miles up from Israel and create one massive lake over there.

    If they continue to send even one missle, continue to rubble.

    Unfortunately, I am very afraid that Israel doesn’t get it, not do her supporters, who think this is some little war that will be over soon.

    I have serious concerns for Israel’s actual survival.

    My visit soon, in the next couple of weeks, could be my last one, if Israel does not wake up.

  • The U.S and Israel are sacrificing their young men and women and their treasure on these people. If their own intellectuals are not willing to take the risk to organize a response then we should withdraw, protect our own and let the madmen destroy each other.

  • How will the world change when someone gets nuked? Who knows, but you know it will happen.

  • T in Texas, we ARE protecting our own. Our name is not “The Good Fairy”. But I agree with you about the awful intellectuals. Ugh. Meaning well is not enough.

  • religous tolerance ends when the preaching invokes violence. Fundamentalist Islam is not a religion, since it invokes violance. Fundamentalist Islam is a political movement and Iran is the prime sponsor.
    This “religion” of political intolerance, DICTATES intolerance for NON-Moslems, rewards for Moslem martyrs to kill NON-MOSLEMS and thats not a religion.
    Either,the Iranian government changes their religion or their political support for their religion, but the current threat they represent to our interests is not tolerable.
    When they acquire a nuke, it will be too late, and then we will have another 1938 situation on hand.