This is unusual footage in a brief report outlining some of the Grand Mufti’s relationship with the Nazis and Hitler, and briefly linking that past to present day groups seeking to destroy Israel such as Hamas (hat tip to LGF).

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  • would suggest reading Semites and Anti-Semites, it tells of history and rise of anti-Semitism in the Middle East. It also goes into details about Arab support of the Nazis and Hitler’s view of Arabs/idea of Isral. Really a great book.

  • Hey, was that Gunter Grass in the background in one of the crowd shots?

  • I’m going to pass this on to a lot of people, its funny because I was just re-reading Exodus and there is a lot about how the Arabs joined with the Germans.

  • Also US corporations, for instance IBM, hooked up with the Nazi Germany while knowing very well what the Nazis were doing. There is a good book about it available, called IBM and the Holocaust.

  • Well, what did you suppose the Arabs do with the Zionists invading their land?

  • Finally we found the justification for Nazism and all its atrocities: Zionism! Thanks “Jewlicious.”
    So not only are Jews responsible for all the problems in the world, they are responsible for Nazism too?! Talk about blaming the victim….

  • Alas, anti-Semitic groups make it harder for those who merely seek change in Israel to work for it. I’ve stumbled into groups that purported to work for change in Israel’s domestic and foreign policies (which, like most nations, could use a fair amount of work), but the stench of anti-Semitism wafted over the proceedings. Obviously, I don’t work with them, but it’s difficult to work for justice when racists blight efforts for change.

  • Jean-Paul Sartre wrote a good, short, book about anti-semitism, in case anybody cares. I haven’t read his other stuff, and have no interest.