Guy takes a shluffParticularly tired because of jetlag and jujitsu, filmmaker Guy Ritchie, now known as Mr. Madonna, fell asleep during a recent Kabbalah meditation service.

Falling asleep in shul? Now he’s just like the rest of us. It’s like, with that one act, Guy became a member of our tribe. And the great part is, Guy can be his Hebrew name too.

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  • 😉

    To become a true leader of his shul all he now needs to do is talk while prayer’s in session…

  • i would be sleepy, too, if i was expected to transcend a certain plane of existence for a few hours…=/. let’s try not to judge, ok? geez…

  • I was noticing a ton of Kabbalh books in the second hand books stores in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Since I was there, ihad a look. I don’t follow any of that Berg stuff.

    Yes I finally made it to Israel.

    My best trip here ever.

    I felt for the first time, not as an outsider.

    I can’t explain why specifically this happened now, and not in the past but I will dwell on this and let you all know.

    Peace and Shabbat Shalom,