alex_clockwork_orange.jpgWhy not create a radio station and play the same fucking music on rotation over and over and over again all day long until even the good songs make you want to pull a Clockwork Orange?

Edit: the voices in my head are telling me to inform the rest of the class that this post is a reaction to the sucky rotation at the Israeli radio station, Galgalatz. By the way, if you want to listen to Israeli radio stations where you can hear the same music over and over again until you want to do violence, there’s a good resource at Public Radio Fan. Stuart points out that there’s an even deeper Israeli (and countless other locations) radio station resource at vtuner.

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  • Dude, Galgalatz rocks! Who else has a sequence of Bob Dylan > Israeli rap > Shikira > retro 80’s pop > Billy Holiday > Red Hot Chili Peppers

    I love it for it’s randomness.

  • Randomness?! Maybe they’ll play Bob Dylan, Israeli rap, Shakira, Retro ’80s pop, Billy Holiday and Red Hot Chili Peppers, but they’ll play the same songe by these folks not so randomly every 3 hours. Or 4.

  • so that gives you a good idea of how long to listen to it for, eh?

    Plus the randomness is truly random, its the current pop stuff that gets repetitive. Then they throw in the other stuff for sweet, sweet relief.

  • It’s truly universal. Here any commercial or non-commercial radio station contains mostly lame music, some repeats of the same lame music, the lame music again, another repeat of even lamer music, and as a cherry on the cake the radio hosts talking on the air for the sake of talking (they have nothing to say but they must fill up the silence with compressed nasal noises coming out of their mouths). Then your ears and nose start to bleed blood and you cry for your mama and for someone to turn the radio off.

    So Themiddle, I feel your pain. As a panacea might I suggest a good pair of headphones and some internet radios?

  • I miss the heck outta Galgalatz. Listening to it was like an immersion in Israel’s musical culture: I Will Survive and Hadag Nahash back to back? I welcome the random. I would love it if someone just taped a day of programming and sent it to me. That would rock my world.

  • Esther,
    You don’t need a tape of Galgalatz. You can enjoy the same experience in your very own house or workplace off of the Internet. Go to and you’ll find a link to the live audio (I think it’s in Windows Media format). Actually, if you go to, you’ll find a list of 40+ Israeli radio stations you can get variety in the randomness (Galgalatz is listed as GGLZ).

    And they just followed Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” with Sarit Hadad’s “Hayom Hayom”. That’s a reasonable segue in the Israeli context.

  • I’d rather hear the same songs over and over again in a commercial-free environment than go through the miraculously synchronized 15-minute commercial breaks in the States.

  • Yoni, this isn’t about Zionism, this is about lousy programming habits. This is a borderless phenomenon that simply stinks. Playlists are the bane of all music-loving humanity.

  • The Middle, its always about Zionism my man(not sure what that means) and not sure if i get the a Clockwork Orange reference. Can you give me instructions on how to pull one? because I am pretty sure i’d enjoy it.

  • I’m afraid I wouldn’t recommend that you pull a Clockwork Orange. Ever. Even if the rotating playlist repeats the same songs ad nauseam.

  • Aww quit your whining! You’ve got the world at your fingertips, right? Try these: for Jazz: [Http://] Newark, NJ or even [Http://] Seattle. For an eclectic mix of bluegrass, blues & older coutry & ‘Americana’ try these guys [Http://] from Clinton, TN. I mean really. You’ve got an ipod too I bet. No excuses really. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!! I used to listen to GalGalatz from my computer at work but (1)everyday I heard the same songs in the same order and (2) I lost my job

    What everyone should know about this is (a) it’s neat that you can hear live israeli radio from anywhere in the world and (b) it’s no different than listening to your local shitty top 40 hits station except with an occasional israeli song or Hebrew speaking DJs!! Will someone please hire me as a program manager for an Israeli radio station so I can show them how not to suck?!?!?!?

  • There used to be a good radio station near Israel – the Voice of Peace. That was one bad ass station… on a boat. In the middle of the Mediterannean…

  • Beachahava, that is one wacky MySpace page.

    Did you lose the job because of your anger at Galgalatz’s playlist?