I'm a Dick. And you love it!Kristina Grish, author of Boy Vey, friend of the Muffti and all around hottie has authored a new book. Jewish women can breath a sigh of relief – this one isn’t about dating Jewish men but is designed to help girls who can’t kick their ‘bad boy’ habit. It’s title ‘Addickted: 12 Steps to Kicking Your Bad Boy Habit!’

The thing is, though not titled as such, this book is clearly a follow up to Boy Vey. It’s well known that Jewish men are pretty damned masculine, macho and downright bad! So, after tempting a generation of women to date us and teaching them how to do it, clearly Grish is feeling remorse and now making amends by trying to wean her shiksehs off of us. Us bad Jew Boys have to unite – this book is clearly an attack on us and our addickted shiksehs. Let’s all rev up our motorcycles, drive to the nearest book store, buy every copy and burn it. Otherwise, we shall nary get some unless we motor to the nearest country whose speakers dialogue in a language the book won’t be translated into!

Muffti, of course, is kidding and does not endorse burning books. He does endorse Kristina and expects Addickted will be as interesting and informative as Boy Vey. If you want to meet the author to either bathe in her good looks, thank her for her books or call her some horrible names for teaching shiksehs how to date your jewish men, she’ll be having a book reading and signing at Barnes & Noble this Tuesday (2 East 18th Street, 212.675.5500, 6 pm). Bad boys take note: presumably the target audience of the book will show up so, like a liquor vendor outside an AA meeting, this is your chance…

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