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  • Hmm, the new font hurts.

    On the other hand, a serious chick upgrade.

  • Oh, the previous comment went missing. So here it is: what’s the story of the new Hashem-shirt girl and what happened to the previous Hashem-shirt girl? Did she retire or something?

    Sorry for the temporal distortions.

  • I miss the Recent Comments section.

    It was homey. It got you right in. It’s cold without it.

  • You mean you can’t just scroll to the posts? You have to actually click, because the title is so fascinating, with no picture?

    I wasn’t good in school because there weren’t pictures in the books. I like pictures.

  • The faster loading is, indeed, a vast improvement; I’m on a shitty borrowed computer at the moment, and virtually had to set aside a separate block of time just to check new posts. I wonder if any modifications are still possible, though. Tom’s right; the font is brutal, especially for those of us ever closer to needing a seeing eye dog to the read the morning paper. The older version also benefitted from the contrast of having the hyperlinks in red. Finally, I hope the lists of recent comments and frequently read posts will still be available too.

  • David, Tom, usability tip: you can usually increase the size of the font in your browser if it appears to be too small. For example in the Firefox web browser it’s in View/Text Size/Increase. Or you can set your own preferences, including the minimal font size, from Edit/Preferences/Content/Fonts and Colors/Advanced.

  • Great improvement; and I really haven’t taken too much critical observation time prior to commenting herein; so further comment may follow at some time hereafter.

    The tile background of the previous interface was clunky, took forever to load; and, was eerily Islamic; notwithstanding the Magen Davod tiles (that were embedded; thus the creepy Islamic look).

    And, Finnish, thanks for indicating what was so desirable about Mozilla Firefox; I knew about the font size feature; but never really thought it was all that significant.

    And where are the shagalicious American Apparel girls?

  • I love the background tile and the faster loading speed. And the hiding of the cell-phone spam. It’s all extremely beautiful.

    So is knowing that loving HaShem will make you light up the world! =-) (I hope she can turn off that beacon effect at will, or she might have trouble sleeping.)

  • Yes loading faster is Good. Miss all the Redheads. And BTW: where’s this vital story?

    It’s got everything. Intrigue, terror, death & destruction, Hez & Iranian agents. And a double crossing local police paid off to ‘look the other way’ while 85 innocents we slaughtered. This was in 1994, in Buenos Aires, Arentina. Over 300 wounded in this one attack too. A month of rockets and the best anti-tank missiles that money can buy, and 12 years later Hez could scarcely do any better against the IDF. Lest we forget. Regards, ‘VJ’

  • Finnish, thanks for the tip.

    Agree with JM re the absence of a ‘recent posts’ link.

  • Indeed, Finnish; thanks. Had simply forgotten, and it does wonders.

  • the Hashem girl’s arms are covered, thank you. and the new site rocks!!!!


  • Noooooooooooooooo…
    The Nordish-looking girl is gone. Bummer.

    Otherwise, very very nice 🙂

  • Bravo gang – I was gonna buy a new computer until you redid the site. Loads almost as fast as Katsav’s career is disintegrating.

  • Two things:

    1. I see spam (“Basketball Picks”). So this has still not been resolved?

    2. Is there any possibility of adding a comment PREVIEW function so that we can check our HTML code before submitting?

  • ShyGuy: what the hell is “ungepatchked?” As for the spam, we get literally thousands a day. The dozen or so that get through represent less than 1% of what gets sent. We’re doing the best we can. I’m working on the comment preview stuff. Amongst other things…

  • ongepatshket: …disordered, scribbled, sloppy, littered, confusing, muddled; overly-done… (A Dictionary of Yiddish Slang & Idioms by Fred Koggs, Citadel Press 1966) 🙂