After a rough and tumble competition, Nicaragua has just selected its national drink!

I think that is simply a great idea – why should Cuba have all the fun with its Mojito?

Nicaraguan folk music fills the air at the House of the Mejías Godoy, a nightspot in Managua, the sprawling capital of Nicaragua. The plates of steaming food served there — beans and rice, plantains and chunks of tasty meat — are also 100 percent Nicaraguan.

But the Nicaraguan authenticity comes to an end when it comes to quenching one’s thirst.

Cuba’s mojito, with its crushed lime and mint leaves, is on the drinks menu. The margarita, Mexico’s way of showing off what tequila can do, is available as well. The bloody mary and Tom Collins are offered from the colossus to the north.

After sipping the numerous offerings, the judges have opted for a fruity concoction that they called el macuá, after a tropical bird found in this part of the world. The drink is one part white rum, one part guava juice, with a half-portion of lemon juice and some sugar and ice.

If all goes according to plan, el macuá will soon be known worldwide as Nicaragua’s national thirst quencher…

I’d suggest a competition for Israel but first we have to take care of the homefront. Anybody have recipe suggestions for a Jewlicious cocktail? Maybe I can get ck or Esther to send you a coffee table book or something as a reward if your recipe wins.

While you mull it over, I think I’ll go have some port.

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