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  • Notice the large orange groves of the natives that are being uprooted by the zionists. Notice the green hills kept lush by the natives. Hmmmm

  • Rabbi Yonah – this post reminded me of the first time, a couple decades ago, that I tasted my first Israeli pomegranate. Great word, “notice”. Like how some people/organizations can’t “see” the forest for the trees?

  • Well, Rabbi Yonah, just look at all the rocks those naughty Zionists plundered.

    They were problem taken from desecrated Arab tombstones from the Mount of Olives.

    Oh, wait…….

  • Is that a railroad to the right? It looks quite narrow for a railroad. Maybe a rail for something to carry those rocks with?

  • Sometimes Jewlicious achieves the snarky satire they are aiming for, and sometimes they don’t, but this one is out of the park! Nothing in recent memory compares in belly laughs to TM’s mock tribute to a kibbutz retrospective. This was a risky satirical piece, as many of your readers could possbily actually confuse his delicious irony for a very, very outdated form of genuine Diaspora Jewish tuchus licking towards anything Labor Zionist and agragrian. Very clever, even if perhaps trusting your readership a bit too much!

  • Kelsey, just because you’re confused, must you also try to confuse our readers? Fortunately, they don’t seem to be confused.

    By the way, I don’t recall but was there a meeting where the various Jewlicious posters gathered and decided upon some sort of common editorial line?

  • DKelsey – I like Persian pomegranates too. Pretty much, where I live you get whatever they have. But I did get hooked on them after tasting one from Israel. Maybe it had a more socialist taste to it. But you know what, given a choice between delicious irony and delicious pomegranates I’ll take the pomegranates every time.

  • “given a choice between delicious irony and delicious pomegranates I’ll take the pomegranates every time”

    Well, I can’t argue with that.

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