Well, maybe you can have too much Leonard Cohen but you can certainly never have too much of the godfather of modern Israeli music: Arik Einstein

By the way, we’ve discussed him before. 😆

Oh, this one just gives ya chills:

And, of course, the semi pornographic “Tov Li” (Good for Me):

And among his most beautiful and touching songs, particularly for the idealists among us: the (in)famous Ani Ve’ata (You and I Shall Change the World):

Oh, and for Michael, here’s Ninette Tayeb doing Shalom Hanoch:

Did I forget to break up the post and put some on the next page?

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  • Is there a reason why none of you guys have blogged about the hilarious viral videos for koolanoo which can be found at


    inquiring minds want to know what ya’ll think!

    I love the ads, but I’m not joining any more social networks. If Dr. Phil can’t find my perfect match within the next 6 months on Match. com, he’s got to put me on Oprah and explain what when wrong….or at least give me my money back.

  • Haven’t blogged about them because I don’t think they’re all that. Not funny, and again creates this unfair expectation that shlubby Jewish guys should hold out for Ms. Hebrew Hotness 2006. And having just joined Facebook, I understand about not needing another social network.