I was searching for videos by Shmulik Krauss, another great Israeli composer and singer who has written some classic Israeli songs. Sadly, I couldn’t find anything on YouTube either because it doesn’t exist or I misspelled his name. However, I did come across one of my favorite singers who I don’t think is Jewish or has anything to do with Judaism but has a great voice and some amazing songs. This one, New Favorite, is certainly worth a listen.

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  • I think she is Jewish, actually.

    Nice music posts, Middle, but it doesn’t make up for this site’s shameful disregard of (Jewish) artists like Gyorgy Ligeti, probably the foremost living composer at the time of his death a couple of months ago. How ’bout a ‘Lontano’ video, or a clip from ‘2001; A Space Odyssey’, which featured his work in its soundtrack?