Okay, seriously, a holiday of giving thanks that unites all of us and brings us together with family and friends is definitely an activity worth pursuing. Have fun with your friends and family, enjoy the food and drink, rest on the day off and we’ll see you all refreshed in a couple of days. Feel free to support the economy by shopping on Friday, by the way, not that we would encourage such a thing on Jewlicious.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, to learn more about the Jews of Turkey

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  • Thanksgiving, lulei demistafina, is a Jewish holiday. First off, it was invented by men wearing black hats. Second, the seudas yom tov includes Turkey, aka, tarnegol hodu, as in “Hodu Lashem ki tov.” Next, the Lions, representative of Shevet Yehudah and by extension the Davidic Monarchy, play on Thanksgiving.

    Finally, the gematria of “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” (depending on how you spell it) equates to so many different kabbalistic references that the limited space provided here does not allow a full exposition. Just trust me on that one.

    Gut yom tov!

  • When Europeans first brought back these North American birds, they became traded in the Mediterranean (from Spain), where Turkish traders sold it to English merchants, who in turn introduced it to England as a ‘Turkish bird’. The rest of the Old World seems to have been sold on the idea that the bird originated in India, which is how it is referred to in the country of Turkey, and in Israel. All this & more on Oy Bay’s Thanksgiving Day post!