What can I say, I laughed out loud…even as I happily considered all the trouble Mr. Kelsey has been saved by NOT having to convince this woman that it really is better for her if she becomes Jewish.

So at one point, I was standing alone while a different friend grabbed a drink, when a blond shikse (I assure you I am not using this term pejoratively) came over to me and demanded I dance with her. And she wasn’t even completely bombed out of her mind; I usually got the gist of what she was saying the second time she repeated it.

Mr. Kelsey wins the Jewlicious Self Depracating Humor Award for November, 2006.

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  • Thanks you very much, TM and Jewlicious! I would just like to note that although I am very honored to accept this award, by no means should awards alone be the reason we continue to strive for self-deprecation as Jews. Nor, at this point in history, can we say we are self-deprecating merely because of historical oppression. Rather, we are self-deprecating because ideologues on both the far-Left and far-Right are really annoyingly self-righteous, filled with marches, bleachings, beatings, and perhaps worst of all, one actor plays. It is my hope that the moderates on both the Left and the Right, both (non-fabrentene) Zionists and non-Zionists, retain their sense of humor, and use it as a defense against the ideologues who waste so much of our time and our energies, as we embark on the more important challenges facing us, such as the dual world threat coming from fanatical fundamentalist Islamicists (no judgments!), and the destruction of the earth because of oil addiction. I would like to use this award opportunity to call for [cane drags Kelsey off stage as speakers crank Radiohead’s “I Might Be Wrong”]

  • An ad guy to some.
    A knish guy to others.
    A dancing guy to few.
    A controversial guy to all.

    David Kelsey, you are my hero.