Ynet is publishing a letter from the son of a Qassem rocket fatality, 12 year old Hanan Yaakobov to Ehud Olmert. Hanan’s father Yaakov was killed last week after a Qassam hit the factory where he worked. It is very troubling to see the adults around this child using him to make their point, whether it is right or wrong.

“Mr. Prime Minister, today we have joined our fellow youths from Sderot who have been marching towards Jerusalem in protest for several days. We come to Jerusalem today to tell you one thing: Your government has failed, you have failed, you need to take responsibility and go home.

“For six years now living in Sderot is not truly living, we have no security, no quiet, and we feel as though you don’t care at all. My father, may he rest in peace, wouldn’t even let us take down the garbage because he was scared for us. In the past month alone over 300 Qassams have fallen here and that hasn’t made you or your government do anything.

“Our family emigrated from Russia 12 years ago. I can assure you that this could never happen there. There the government would not allow an entire town to be turned into cannon fodder for so long a period. But you don’t care, you continue to employ policies of fear and weakness on the backs of Sderot’s residents and agree to a ceasefire on the Arab’s conditions. And even now that there is a ceasefire the Qassams continue and we continue to live in fear.”

“Our family could simply leave Sderot and move elsewhere, somewhere quiet and safer but then what? After we left Gush Katif we will leave Sderot and then leave Ashkelon and where will we end up then? We feel it is our duty to stay in the town and we will remain strong but you must go home because you have failed and you have no solution. Mr. Prime Minister – you failed when you couldn’t protect my father. Resign.”

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