Boy, has this week been a blur. Given the fact that I haven’t blogged since my recap of the flight over, which actually bore a striking resemblance to a certain scene in “Stand By Me,” you probably already assumed that I was busy. And even though you guys haven’t really been commenting lately, I know you’re reading, and I like to imagine that you’re not commenting because you’re thinking: “I don’t want to bother her. When she’s ready, she’ll write and tell us more.” Well, I’m ready.

The General Assembly of UJC congregated in LA a purported five thousand strong. I was busy representing PresenTense, which–I’m gratified to report–was very well-received. Between our editors, contributors, advertisers, bulk distributors and friends, we managed to meet many other exciting people, doing great and creative work in advancing Jewish life, culture and education, and make connections that we hope will be beneficial to all parties concerned.

 I was also on assignment from The Jewish Week (article to come), which kept me running all over the place, talking to many people in many different parts of the Convention Center, and working on the piece in the press room. And thanks to Hillel and JUST for a Day, a community service program that involved over a thousand students, I was also invited to attend a private concert by the Leevees and Guster. It was also great to see Rabbi  Yonah and Rachel Bookstein and their baby, or as I like to call him,  “the Booklet.” (More photos available on Flickr…)

Today, the conference was mostly over. The Convention Center was empty and all of the signs were being taken down to prepare for the next convention of digital media or something like that. But I headed out to speak to participants in the “Do the Write Thing” program sponsored by USD Hagshama of the World Zionist Organization, where we talked about blogging and how to use the internet to bolster their growing careers as Jewish journalists. It was an honor to speak to them, and I hope they enjoyed, even if I kept flubbing the term “traditional journalism” and saying –nearly every time–“traditional Judaism” instead…

Going to try to cram in some-last minute friend visitation, and then head back to NYC tomorrow night. But I’ll be back…Jewlicious @ the Beach 3.0 awaits in March…

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  • Dude, dude.

    GA was gaaaaaarific. I want to say this and I want everyone to know: Esther rocked the fu-gaaaaa-house.

    Prepare thyselves for the PT-JL-BoZ-one-two, Jewish Week and Forward.

  • In case anybody cares, there will be an intimate benefit by MATISYAHU soon. Number is 212-627-3270. Tickets are expensive.

  • I don’t know his music, but people talk about him.

    On Halloween a sweet girl actually said to a genuine (young) Lubavitch rabbi, “Oh cool! You are dressed up like Matisyahu!” . He didn’t mind.

  • Still? There was nothing to him besides a few good songs. On the first and second CD’s. Altho one of those was written by someone else. But give him credit. A couple of nice songs. Nothing else of substance in his so called message. Just learn some Torah for 30 minutes you will get more out of the time than to listen to his CD’s. The last one “Youth” was absolute trash, commercial copying of the worst order, since that one, I can’t see how anyone would seriously consider him as anything but a sly slimy huckster.

  • Steves, really, you’ve covered your dislike of him over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Time to give it a rest.

  • Thankyou for taking time to speak to us participants of the Do The Write Thing track, it was highly motivational and practically helpful to talk with you. I look forward to reading all your blogs and working with you in the future!