Alexandra Rosenfeld just won Miss Europe. That’s right, the continent that tried to kill us, starve us, burn us, ended up voting in a new Esther. And it was in Ukraine to boot, bastion of J-Love. A recap. She’s Jewish. She is an activist (marched against anti-Semitism in France). She was just crowned Miss Europe The question is: Is she a Dreyfusard?

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Maybe it’s their way of apologizing.

    Problem is, as Esther K. pointed out, now all the guys on J-Date will be expecting women who look like that.

    In my opinion, Mr. Holland’s Opus was the best movie he ever did, with Close Encounters next.

  • She’s pretty.

    I haven’t seen this beauty pageant in the news media much here in the good ol’ killing-starving-burning human misery-maximizing destruction-amplifying continent. In fact, I heard about the whole competition here for the first time!

  • I like!! I want to do sexy time with her. I make her offer of Red dress, Television with remote control, and foreign automobile. You think she like sex with mouth?