Joe Lieberman comes backOr so I suspect thinks the re-elected senator from Connecticut, Mr. Joseph Lieberman.

Not only has he been embarrassed in the past by fellow Democratic party members like Al Gore, his former Presidential running mate who refused to endorse him in 2004, but after losing a nasty primary fight to Ned Lamont, Lieberman had to watch a parade of Democrats come through the state to campaign against him on Mr. Lamont’s behalf.

Right now it’s looking as if Lieberman will be the tie-breaking vote in the Senate and he’ll be casting that vote as an independent, with no official party affiliation. I suspect his support will come at a heavy price, and so it should.

By the way, I’m not such a big fan of Lieberman’s but it sure seemed inappropriate to have the party he served respectably for so many years turn their backs on him with the speed and vitriol that were exposed during the primaries. And yes, some of the Daily Kos folks were beating up on his support of Israel.

Also, I actually did like Ned Lamont and thought he was a terrific candidate. It would have been better, however, if he had been running against somebody else.

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