An old and wonderful Leonard Cohen clip (hat tip to Mentalblog). I sure would like to invite him out to a coffee.

Here’s the original full interview.

Mid-career live version of Tower of Song (“The rich have their channels in the bedrooms of the poor”)

And an early interview (“Verbal masturbation”):

And a recent effort – “Because Of” – that wins the prize for best women hopping on a mattress imagery, where Leonard tells us that:

“Because of a few songs
wherein I spoke of their mystery
women have been exceptionally kind…”

Finally, here’s Leonard Cohen singing a live version of The Future.

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  • Is it possible to have too much Leonard Cohen? The answer to that is YES. Definitely. 3 videos in one post and not even a “click here for more message?” Overkill. I mean I like the guy and all, but seriously…