Gotta love Google!

Here’s the original post. And of course, here’s another classic wart post (it includes a link to the other classic, “terrorists with combovers”). Ahh, the good old days.

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  • 😆

    Contrary to what you might be thinking…I was actually looking at our CGRef page to see what recent searches led people to us. Along with searches for Amy Winehouse, Jewish pornography, knafeh, “David Beckham Jewish” and Borat, somebody had come to us through a search for nose warts. So I took a look and lo and behold…there we are after all these months.

  • Well that’s cool and all TM. I know people come to us through all sorts of bizarre key word searches. But, and I have to ask this, with Iran’s Holocaust Investigation conference going on, a political crisis in Lebanon, Jimmy Carter going batshit on Israel, and Tori Spelling’s Yard sale, surely we could have blogged about something other than nose warts, no?

    Awww… who am I kidding. I love mindless posts like these, even if they are to blogs what candy are to teeth. Nothing personal…

  • “even if they are to blogs what candy are to teeth”

    You mean like causing them to rot, become painful and have to get pulled?

    I see what you’re saying…

  • god knafeh makes me puke, even thinking about it, where is my trash can. cultural question of the moment: why the heck do middle eastern people like everything so freakin’ sweat sweet?!!?!

  • I got you covered Nathan. Pretty funny spelling mistake though…

    But I want to expand on the middle’s post a bit. Here are some funny recent search terms:

    hot israeli girls
    Jewish Babes
    Miri Eisin (coincidence?)
    Scarlett Johansson Jewish
    kaffiyeh hipster
    yeshiva borat (??)
    shakshuka recipe (of course)
    female israeli soldiers photos sexy
    most beautiful frum girl
    halacha and oral sex
    bowling for kristallnacht (??)
    amy winehouse
    why bob dylan alicia keys
    sarah silverman
    conservative judaism blogs
    sleeper cell american terror
    jewish men dating outside their religion
    moroccan chanukah doughnut recipe (you want this, trust me)
    dress british think yiddish
    erotic chanukah cards

    I could go on and on. See? It’s addictive…