harvey weinsteinOk, so I know I just posted about the Weinsteins and their pandering to the Christian coin, but it seems not all Jewpride is lost.

On December 25 (AKA Christmas) they will be releasing Black X-Mas, a snuff slasher flick.

The Christians and conservatives of the blogosphere have objected to this perceived insult to the sanctity of Santa, as one more assault in the so-called “War on Christmas.” Although most are pretty unoriginal and simply recycle this except from Nikki Fink’s Deadline Hollywood:

Shame, shame, shame on Harvey and Bob Weinstein, and their distributor MGM’s Harry Sloan, for opening a holiday-themed slasher movie on Christmas Day. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the ads and release date for Black Christmas from Dimension/MGM. The promos even make fun of “people who express outrage” as well as the plot’s body count. And the entertainment industry wonders why it continues to have a huge PR problem as promoters of garbage?Showbiz marketing calls this counter-programming. Still, I don’t understand: just how many disturbed human beings does The Weinstein Company and MGM think actually want to go see a gory movie on December 25th?”

Just do a technorati search to find more indignant goodies such as this anti-Jewish rant.

Personally, it’s hard to see what the big deal is. Who goes to the movies on Christmas anyway? Jews (and don’t think Nikki Fink didn’t know that when she wrote her last line above). What Jew couldn’t use a little Chistmas themed horror as vicarious revenge for making us listen to 10 weeks of Christmas tunes?

The Weinsteins are making Christian films now, can’t you just let them make one for the Jews?

Nonetheless, the best comment on the subject came fromTedSez on Gawker.

When Mel Gibson puts out a horribly violent film full of spurting blood and chopped-off heads and limbs at Christmastime, it’s a dramatic triumph. But when a Jewish guy does it, it makes the little baby Jesus cry. Welcome to our culture.

War on Christmas. Feh.

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  • idol worshiping polytheistic heathens are lucky we don’t just start burning down there lascivious trees and raping their reindeer.

    if I hear one more asshole tell me that Christmas isn’t a religious holiday out of one side of his mouth then out of the other talk about the sanctity or “values” around the holiday I am going to exsanguinate.

    is this a holiday about the birth of the redeemer of all person kind (purported) or hyper consumerism? jesus christ give me a break.

  • I for one plan on seeing this movie on Xmas Day!!! In fact I may actually buy a ticket to this one and then just sneak in to the rest of the movies that i plan on seeing that day!

  • Just passing through. Are you telling me if someone put out an offensive to Jewish eyes movie, specifically on Yom Kippur, in an effort to drive publicity, it would not be offensive (and rightly so)?

  • Oh Skeptic. Slasher flicks are a mainstay of the American filmed entertainment cornucopia. It’s not as if they put out a film about how the Christians were responsible for the slow brutal torture and eventual death of God.

  • If the standard of how to determine what is wrong and right is “Does this action enhance what is right in the world ect” then this movie fails that test.

    In your argument, this statement;

    “It’s not as if they put out a film about how the Christians were responsible for the slow brutal torture and eventual death of God.”

    is a red herring.

    “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

    Is a good standard for judging behaviour.

  • No, this entire movement was never Halachic since it allowed driving on Shabbat. When you start your car it creates a spark which is ligthing a fire, which is forbidden. Therefmore movement = no longer Halachic. So I don’t know why all this comes as a major shock.