bar_refaeli_1.jpgAllison from Israelity and An Unsealed Room reminds us that Israeli model Bar Refaeli may be over-exposed in the marketplace right now. She’s gracing fashion magazines, lingerie catalogues and billboards. She’s also the on and off again girlfriend of the decidedly non-Jewish but hugely popular Leonardo DiCaprio, although at her tender age (early 20s), I don’t think it matters much for the long term faith of the unborn babies. She’s also intensely disliked by many Israelis, apparently because she had a quickie marriage done and then undone to a friend of her parents in Israel presumably because it’s better to be modeling on runways in Milan and Paris than serving in the IDF.

But yeah, I just wanted to post this to prove that she’s over-exposed. I wonder why?

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  • Crazy….

    I was just checking that dame out today, like 2 hours ago…. good choice of pics TM…. she is absolutely stunning, she’d have been hotter in IDF fatigues though…..

  • There’s a word in Hebrew slang for people with hair like that: “shchordinit.” Bar! You’re killing us! Either go natural or get the dye job finished. I know you’re all busy being a model and dodging IDF service and all, but can you sit for five extra minutes so your colorist can get your roots? How are you going to look like every other damn model if your hair is only half blonde?

  • Hi, my name is Ruth, and I’m just another stupid fucking Greek antisemite who can barely construct a coherent sentence in English and has an unnatural obsession with what lies between people’s legs. It’s really too bad about my country. We have great scenery, nice weather and excellent food, but we have this all-consuming national sickness where we continue to blame the Jews for all our problems, even though, with a few notable exceptions, we allowed the Nazis to slaughter our Jewish community wholesale and now don’t really have any anymore. I think I’ll do the world a favor now and go drown myself in a vat of tzatziki. Bye!

  • Uh… ok Ruth. It’s funny and totally off topic but Israelis seem to loooove greek stuff. Greek music is quite popular as are greek dances and stuff. Israelis also travel a lot to Greece too and there are charters and package tours galore just about every week. Go figger. I mean I know that Theodorakis guy is a dick, but Israelis can’t get enough of his music. I guess the same applies with the music of classic Arabic singer Um Kulthum who was virulently anti-Israel but continues to have a rabid fan base in Israel despite her politics. Now dont go drowning yourself, why waste the tzatziki?

  • I think Ruth may have been the victim of a bored moderator editing the repetitive, profane posts of yet another anti-Semitic commentor…now who could have done a thing like that…?

  • That woman is a Yid? Holy Cow.

    She’s got the condescending, bored model look down, though.

  • She doesn’t look like a yid and, frankly, I think she can do a lot better than DiCraprio who seems to be cursed ’cause he still looks like a teenager. Nope, she is neither sephardic nor ashkenazim.
    This is a new genetic strain. And, sorry ladies, but the armed forces should be men only anyway.

  • i think bar refaeli is the most beautifull woman i have ever seen in my life !!!!!!! no wonder she is doing so well !! i would love to see her more & more & more & more everywhere !!! over-exposed in the marketplace ?? give me a break……. there is nothing like it when you talk about BAR REFAELI !!

  • “And, sorry ladies, but the armed forces should be men only anyway.”

    Wow…I don’t really know if armed forces “should” be anything. They exist because of the current state of affairs in our world. And Israel needs women to serve, so they serve. And I think it’s interesting that they do ask women to serve in the army because it does put men and women at an equal level. It’s good PR for Israel – Shows the world that Israel values all of its people, all of its sexes, all of its citizens, and knows that both men and women can defend its nation, equally.

    Bar Refaeli looks very Israeli in my opinion. And I kindof like the half blond/brown hair look, if it is blended nicely, which it is.

  • Wow, indeed.

    Does history teach us anything? How about the need for armed forces for self-defense? And this is a notion that has never been restricted to “ the current state of affairs in our world.” I believe a quick overview of ancient and modern history will bear this out. It will also confirm a widely-held belief: human nature does not change.

    Which leads me to ask: since when does serving in the armed forces “put men and women at equal levels”? I have never had a problem with women in positions of medical or, when absolutely necessary, tactical support. But I have two better questions: is there anything more oppressive (among civilized nations) than a “liberal culture”? And is there any aspect of a “liberal culture” that is more subjugating and destructive than its feminism?

    Feminists have difficulty accepting a simple truth: men and women are not created equal and sociological experiments in the armed forces or elsewhere will not make them so A small, elite percentage – the de Beauvoirs and Sartres and their less educated dupes – actually believe this cr_p about “equality.” But they and their ideas are about as progressive and edifying as the most recent rap tune. And, unfortunately, that is the level at which this feminized culture is now functioning.

    And as far as “good PR,” well, that is a distinctly American notion. We’ve been spouting what we consider to be “good PR” but what has it accomplished in reality? A so-called “conservative” and his administration has a Wilsonian foreign policy yapping about “democracy” and islam being a “religion of peace.” And, as if that weren’t bad enough – a lack of history is once again apparent – one of your regular contributors wrote something to the effect that he would rather be involved with his muslim neighbors than Christian Europeans.

    Wow, indeed.

    This has nothing to do with Bar Refaeli but, since neither she nor Leo would understand any of it anyway, it doesn’t matter.

  • Being twice times or more older than most of you I do sometimes have some trouble to understand this world of today.
    A few years ago there was this lady to be married to a dolphin and now I do read on your blog this women to have a relationship with a carp?

    Btw, what is your problem with women in the IDF, who else should wash the dishes, do the laundry or clean the floors.

  • Feminists have difficulty accepting a simple truth: men and women are not created equal and sociological experiments in the armed forces or elsewhere will not make them so. A small, elite percentage – the de Beauvoirs and Sartres and their less educated dupes – actually believe this cr_p about “equality.”

    Plain old doggerel is bad enough, but here we have an illustration of what happens when such doggerel is lent the sheen of pomposity gleaned from a Learning Annex course. Indeed, beyond the promiscuous use of quotation marks and insipid bromides – “human nature does not change,” “men and women are not created equal,” and the like – there’s really no argument of any kind to be found in this tripe. Needless to say, feminists have never set forth the asinine proposition that men and woman are the same. And as to question of whether “there any aspect of a liberal culture that is more subjugating and destructive than its feminism?” I would hope the wider availability of penile enlargement surgery might help bring an end to such speculation.

  • Welll! We are suddenly aghast and almost speechless at what we have just discovered: an “intelligent” response to our bromidic pomposity. We thought it was better-than-average pomposity but if you insist…. We have experienced this before whenever we have deigned to criticize the deeply held religious, excuse me, political beliefs of the liberal intelligentsia – isn’t that an oxymoron? It’s called a personal attack. We could use quotation marks but we must discipline ourselves!

    Joachim von T. Zu T.: we have something in common. While we rarely if ever divulge personal information for obvious reasons, to wit,[NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. ] ,
    we will reveal this: we may be in the same age category! And you are right about the laundry, floors, etc,.. Good Point(s).

    However, after your excellent point(s) were made, an intemperate, progressive zealot made statements which might be taken personally but we shan’t.

    For example, we could say that we studied here in the U.S. and in the U.K. (Oxon.) And then ask: what is a “Learning Annex course”? We must assume that one must have taken such a course to be familiar with it. But we won’t say this. We have no idea what he’s talking about.

    We could also say that when this fellow was cr_pp_ng in his pants and the apple of his mother’s eye, we were reading Simone and actually admired her. A brief infatuation reflective of our immaturity. But we won’t say this.

    We even attempted to read her boyfriend’s entire oeuvre but only an idiot could go more than ten pages without wanting to beat the living sh_t out of him. Stupid atheistic scum. Excuse us, we don’t wish to attack anyone personally. So we won’t say this.

    And then, unless we’re mistaken, the zealot made an attack upon my distinguished member and that is why we are responding in the plural. It is not merely the Imperial We; it is the We as in Weenie!
    So, once again, Joachim von T. Zu T., has anyone ever attacked your Weenie for any reason, political or non-political?

    We are truly confused – including our distinguished member – we are utterly perplexed and overcome with a profound sense of shock that our opinions, based upon years of study and world weary travel, are as so much tripe and doggerel with a “sheen of pomposity” when all the time I thought it was truly, 100% kosher pomposity, guaranteed to infuriate even the most passive-aggressive peacenik out there.

    We are utterly depressed. How can we face the New Gentile Year? Well, there is hope for youthful, intemperate zealots: it is called age and experience. Hopefully the combination of the aforesaid will result in wisdom for Mr. Smith but I shan’t hold my breath. But I shall wish him and all the other regular contributors to Jewlicious, particularly to Mr. Joachim von T. Zu T., a very Happy New Year!

  • Okay Bar is absolutely friking gorgeous. She’s a nice girl! She’s not “over exposed’ SHES A SWIMSUIT MODEL! not a porn star! sheesh. She is Jewish . both of her grandparents survived the Holocaust, and shes proud of her Jewish heritage, obliviously since shes wearing the Star of David.